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Bypass the Stress: infrastructure in Aberdeen

17 May 2018

One of the biggest infrastructure projects in Scotland, the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route (AWPR) is nearing completion. How will it affect the city?

Aberdeen West Peripheral Route

GDPR for Small Businesses

09 May 2018

Nicky Johnston from our Aberdeen office spoke to Willie Fairhurst about the importance of GDPR to small businesses

GDPR for Small Businesses

Brexit & The Art of Negotiation

20 Apr 2017

After nine months of claim, counter-claim, legislative and political manoeuvring Teresa May finally triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty at the end of March. With that so began a two year process of strenuous negotiation to enable the UK to exit the EU on favourable terms to ensure as smooth a transition to self-government as possible.

Negotiation Skills

What is Supply Chain Management?

30 Mar 2017

With dissertation deadline dates looming large and graduation gowns being ordered, you've probably already started to apply for various graduate schemes and entry level roles. But have you considered Supply Chain management?

Lean Procurement – Maximising Your Supply Chain

17 Jan 2017

Lean Procurement in managing your Supply Chain is could be the difference in 2017, which is expected to be a tough economic challenge. Our Procurement Team here at Eden Scott looked into the principles of ‘Lean Procurement’ following the ProcureEx Conference and how it might help the companies we are working with.

Lean Procurement - Maximising You Supply Chain

Buying North East - Procurement in Aberdeen-Shire

15 Dec 2016

With tens of millions of pounds spent every year by local organisations in Aberdeen with suppliers elsewhere, the ‘Buy North East’ campaign was established in October this year to refocus the local business community on keeping procurement local and moving at least one contract (or piece of business) to a supplier in Aberdeen-Shire.

The North East Supply Chain

Ask Eden Scott - July 2016

28 Jul 2016

Read the transcript from our July Ask Eden Scott webinar where we answered all of your career related questions.

Ask Eden Scott Online Webinar

Crowdfunding: How Can It Help You?

06 Oct 2015

Louise Crilly, Solicitor at Harper Macleod LLP. Here Louise shares how crowdfunding can help your business get off the ground or be given a boost.

crowdfunding:How can it help you?

Hiring Your First Employee

04 Sep 2015

Hannah Roche, Head of Employment Law at MBM Commercial LLP. Here Hannah shares six tips to hire your first employee.

Hiring Your First Employee

Pensions: Know Your Obligations at Recruitment Stage

03 Sep 2015

As staging dates for auto enrolment pick up pace all employers, regardless of size, need to be mindful of pension obligations when recruiting new employees. Discover what you need to consider in this guest blog post from Claire Nisbet.

Pensions Requirements at Recruitment Stage


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