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Meet Our Saltire Fellow Rebecca Flory

14 Sep 2015

Rebecca FloryMeet Rebecca Flory, the Eden Scott Saltire Fellow for 2015 - 2016. Rebecca has over 7 years' experience working as a lawyer and has recently enrolled on the Saltire Foundation fellowship programme. Here Rebecca introduces herself and explains what made her want to sign up for the Saltire Foundation.


In July this year I made one of the biggest decisions of my life – to leave my job as an in-house intellectual property lawyer at Edinburgh Research & Innovation Ltd (the University of Edinburgh’s technology transfer office) and become a Saltire Foundation fellow. The fellowship combines 3 months at Babson College, Boston (ranked #1 in the US for entrepreneurship) with 2 learning journeys to Silicon Valley and Shanghai and a 3 month high level project for a Scottish company. Reflecting on the decision now and after kick-off week of the fellowship, I can honestly say that I have made the right one.


I first heard about the fellowship in May – I watched the video of the fellowship one morning and I knew that I had to apply. I sat down that day and wrote my letter of motivation, prepared a pitch and e-mailed two of my former colleagues and mentors and asked them to be my referees. The application process was like nothing I have experienced before – as a lawyer I was used to 1 hour interviews where, more often than not, the interviewer is really just looking to see if you will fit in well with the team (your legal knowledge is a given). For the fellowship, I really had to sell myself. At kick-off week Professor Les Charm, the face of the fellowship, talked a lot about the need to sell yourself and the difference between the Scots and Americans at doing this. It’s certainly something I will be working on over the coming weeks/months.


The fellowship started at Babson on Monday and although it was Labour Day there was no holiday for the fellows. Instead we took part in a two-day business simulation run by Paul Mulligan, Professor at Babson College. The simulation was designed to show the economic and strategic impact that every decision you make in relation to your business has on your business. It was a fantastic, fun way to learn and a great way to get the fellows working together.


Rebecca Flory Saltire Fellowship


The rest of the first week was taken up with being introduced to leadership and our leadership styles, our first consultancy projects (we had the great fortune of meeting with our client in person) and sales.


It’s been a full week and I’m looking forward to recharging this weekend before week 2!


The Saltire Foundation is an independent charity which was formed in 2009. The initiative hones the commercial and entrepreneurial skills of Scotland's future leadership talent to provide the next generation of leaders.


Eden Scott has been a Ruby Corporate Partner to the Saltire Foundation since 2013, assisting with the aquisition and assessment strategies for each intake. We also support the Fellows during their during whilst they are on the programme and on their subsequent career development.

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