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Moving Your Legal Career Offshore

21 Jul 2016

 move your legal career offshore


Every year there are lots of opportunities available for newly qualified lawyers, who have trained with well-established commercial law firms, to move offshore to the Channel Islands. These opportunities are with some of the world’s most reputable law firms and many legal professionals are swapping onshore city life for the benefits of the offshore experience. So why should you make the move?  



One of the most attractive benefits of moving to a law firm on the Channel Islands is the earning potential. With wages that equate to a silver circle law firm and magic circle after the maximum 20% taxation rate, you could find yourself in an extremely favourable financial position. As well as a generous base salary, bonuses often tend to be noticeably larger at these law firms too.


Quality of work:

Many lawyers assume that giving up the city life means compromising the high quality of work that comes with it, but a move to an offshore law firm can mean just the opposite. The quality of work provided and calibre of potential peers is second to none, with many of the practising lawyers having previously spent considerable time overseas with leading international law firms.

Additionally, you tend to be given a lot more responsibility and client contact at a far earlier stage than within an onshore role. The work predominantly focuses on international law and you can expect to work with the world’s biggest organisations and law firms as you take you career to the next level.   


“You are spoilt in terms of the very high quality work you are offered…you’re given more autonomy and the work is a lot more hands on. You are considered a vital part of the organisation, and are not just seen as lost at the bottom of the pile.”

– Offshore Commercial Litigation Lawyer

Work life

Generally one of the main differences between working at an offshore firm as opposed to a city firm is the work/life balance. Of course, there are the occasional late nights, but the working hours are usually predictable and billable targets can be more easily accomplished in a normal working day. Plus, it is not unusual for your commute to be a mere ten minute walk from the office.

Ultimately, a move to a law firm offshore should make for a less stressful working life, without compromising on the quality of work.


Law career prospects back onshore

Whether you are working in funds, corporate & finance, or litigation, a role with an offshore law firm can be a positive boost to your CV. The unique experience you gain can benefit you long term, whether that’s through a clear route to partnership within the law firm, or opening doors to opportunities around the globe including the Caribbean, Hong Kong and New York. Wherever you wish to return to, the experience is likely to enhance your appeal to onshore employers.


If you are interested in an international career in law, we can offer advice to get you started. Get in touch with our team today here


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