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My First Year in Recruitment

18 Jul 2013

Jennifer Telfer, Sales and Marketing Consultant, joined the recruitment world in April 2012. After a year in the business, Jennifer tells us about her journey and what attracted her to a career in recruitment.

How did you get into recruitment?

Before joining Eden Scott, I had 5 years of marketing experience, focusing primarily on digital marketing. I’d never planned to get into recruitment, however after meeting the Eden Scott team at an event; I really wanted to join them. Since coming on board, I’ve been absolutely delighted and there’s certainly no looking back. I get to combine my industry experience with the opportunity to help companies grow and people find their dream jobs. I’ve always been ambitious with an entrepreneurial flair, which provides a good fit for a career in recruitment.

What have you learnt in your first year at Eden Scott?

Loads! Eden Scott has a superb support infrastructure. Managers are integral to the training process and there’s on-going coaching available to those new to the industry. I’ve also learned how Eden Scott is more of a consultancy than a generic recruitment business. Clients come to us for advice and guidance, looking for inspiration on how they can grow their business with the right people. I also understand people a lot better. Changing jobs can be one of the biggest decisions in your life, therefore it’s up to people like me to really make a positive impact, working with integrity, honesty and respect.

What sort of roles do you work on?

Working within the Sales and Marketing team, I work mostly on digital appointments across a variety of often complex and technical skillsets. My experience in digital marketing has really helped me coach and guide many candidates into exciting positions with some of the best brands across the UK.

What sort of skills do I need to get into digital marketing?

You’ve really got to live, breathe and sleep digital. Candidates with only a small amount of experience should display an ambition and drive to propel their careers forward within the digital sector, as well as a passion to learn new things.

Although many people think digital means “geeky”, digital people are actually very creative. Although a marketing degree isn’t always a prerequisite, demonstrating an understanding of digital skills will help candidates to get ahead. Experience of SEO or possessing a Google AdWords qualification will really make a candidate stand out.

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Digital isn’t just a career, it’s a lifestyle. Just take a look at all those blogs out there!

What do you love most about your job?

I love having the opportunity to help people. When I place a great candidate in a fantastic role, there’s a huge amount of satisfaction from knowing that I’ve done a good job and helped some move forward in their career.

Recruitment is a flourishing industry, despite the recent economic downturn. Developing new business, guiding people and succeeding in my career are all important to me, so I’ve definitely found a career and a company that I can thrive in at Eden Scott.

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