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Now Departing: Get Ahead With an International Move

22 Aug 2014

Reach Heights with an International Move

We recently blogged about achieving your career goals and the importance of not becoming complacent. For most of us, being satisfied with your career goals is only the beginning, continuously striving to push past your comfort zone.

Reaching one's career goals is parallel to the following 4 factors; earnings, advancements, knowledge and reputation. Did you know that achieving these can be accelerated by an international move?

The earning power, lifestyle and career advancement are the most obvious rewards, coupled with establishing an international track record and generating a diverse professional network can be immeasurable in building a successful and fulfilling professional career.

Are You Ready For An International Move?

Those at the Top of their Career

What more can you get out of your current organisation and what more can you offer them? Many organisations have global coverage and remits that extend to greater responsibility and challenges. The bottom line is simple, can you gain more from an international move over staying where you are?

Consider this, managing a start up team in Southeast Asia, being exposed to diverse cultures, restrictive legislations and challenges with skills. This region has consistently been the most economically dynamic region in the world and brings with it fantastic career opportunities. The environment is exhilarating and offers the opportunity to learn about different customs and gain experience that will be invaluable for your future.

How about being a consultant in the Middle East where you could lend your advanced skills in a trouble shooting environment to better a team and process? The Middle East in particular is one of the World’s economic powerhouses where establishing professional networks and an international track record can add impressive value to your CV.

An international relocation, whether it is rotational or permanent, often brings higher earning potential and access to advancement into a more senior position.

The Stars of Tomorrow

The same can be said of individuals wanting to take the next step up the ladder. Individuals that are excelling in their current positions should take an open view to relocating. Consider these benefits:

  • Build your knowledge from different regional bodies, gain exposure to a different work ethic and expectation, experience a steep learning curve and challenge yourself.
  • The exposure gained for positions such as these brings with it global connections, an abundance of knowledge and the opportunity to build your personal brand
  • Many organisations offer the opportunity to transfer internally to international locations and the people available and willing to take on new opportunities will be able to see their career advance rapidly; maybe quicker than isolating yourself to one location. The same is said if you change companies, moving internationally can help you leap frog your career.
  • We can’t forget about earning potential. Nearly all international moves will come with an additional incentive to relocate, taking the form of relocation allowances, tax free base salaries, bonus payouts, paid flights home, spouse and family support, education allowances and many more.

Become an International Leader

Its important to remember that pushing for career greatness will impact others.

Moving abroad will help develop your leadership qualities, consolidating your activities to ensure you're running a well oiled machine. International exposure, whether that be with one organisation or numerous, provides you with a significant opportunity to become an expert in your field.

Final Thoughts

An international move definitely lends itself to some serious thought. Whilst I am not suggesting that your career advancement is primarily decided on your willingness to relocate, the stigma of securing a senior position overseas definitely impresses employers.

Whilst this article is focuses on the professional aspects of an international move, it’s important to remember the amazing personal experiences that international opportunities provide. These include lifestyle changes, exposure to different cultures, attractions and sightseeing - the list is really endless!

If you want to learn more about how an international move could benefit your career, get in touch today.

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