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Personal Branding With Hannah Power

Personal Branding


Personal Branding is becoming an increasingly important part of getting a new job. 

It is not to say you need to become the next Instagram influencer or TikTok sensation. However, it is important you make the most of your online profile if you want to make a move. 

So we chatted with Hannah Power, a personal branding expert who runs her own consultancy, advising people on making the most of every opportunity.

Where To Start

The challenge for so many of us is just where to start. Do you need a script? What about a strategy? Do you need expensive kit? What about a fancy background? 

Hannah talks us through all that you need to get started, what sort of content you need to start producing, and how often you need to post. She also highlights the importance of finding your niche and how you can find your audience.     

Channel Focus

We also chatted about the channels you need to appear on. There are so many these days it can be hard to work out where to focus. Hannah gives us a few tips on managing your content across multiple channels and which ones are important. 

Traditional Methods 

While social media channels have given us a range of new opportunities to connect with like-minded people, there are still a number of traditional channels that can be explored as part of a full promotional mix that we discussed, including public speaking, presentations and PR. 

What does good look like?

Finally, we wanted to understand what good looks like. 

It was fascinating to hear Hannah's thoughts on what a successful personal brand looks like. What do those that have mastered their personal brand do that others don't? How will you know when you are doing well and when what you are doing is completely bombing? 

Get in touch with Hannah

If you'd like to find out more and start building your personal brand, then get in touch with Hannah at her website or check out her Instagram.  

Or you could chat with one of our team about the value of your personal brand when you are searching for your next role. 

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