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Scotland Food & Drink: A Hunger For Talent

30 Sep 2013
Alasdair Murray

It’s great to see Scotland’s food and drink industry continuing to flourish. Whilst the Scottish Food & Drink fortnight is underway, celebrating the best that Scotland’s food larder has to offer, it seems apt to reflect on the success of the industry in recent years.

Exceeding Revenue Targets

As Scotland’s fastest growing export market over the past five years, the industry has recently smashed long-term revenue targets; six years earlier than what was originally forecasted.

In 2009 targets were set to achieve £12.5 billion by 2017, however after exceeding that amount in 2011, the industry now aims to achieve an additional £4 billion within the same time range.

Scotland, the land of food and drink has sustained growth of 28% in the domestic market and an incredible 63% in global exports.

Brands Set Sights on the Overseas Market

Country of origin is incredibly value to brands, and “Made in Scotland” appears to follow this trend as overseas markets start to eat and drink Scottish produce.

Businesses are setting their sights on the Asian export market, as well as South America and mainland Europe, with export sales targets set at £7.1 billion. Products synonymous with Scotland such as, whisky, salmon and shortbread, continue to have a high demand in international markets.

Rise in Scotland Food and Drink Job Opportunities

The Scotland’s food and drink sector is a significant driver for economic growth for the country. The labour workforce is currently at its highest since before the recession started in 2008.

Job opportunities within the Scottish food and drink market have risen with the increase in consumer demand. With Scottish companies expanding their production facilities, we've witnessed a huge increase in commercial, manufacturing and executive level appointments in the food and drink sector across Scotland in the past 8 months.

As the demand for talent continues to increase, Eden Scott is committed to helping Scotland’s food and drink brands grow. The increase in executive and managerial job vacancies highlights that companies are looking for the right leadership to help their brand grow in a global market.

A recent Bank of Scotland survey confirms that the food and drinks industry in Scotland should generate an additional 5,600 jobs by 2018.

Contributing to Economic Growth

The continued success of the Scottish food and drink industry will have positive ramifications on the UK as a whole.

With a hunger for Scottish food and drink brands in foreign markets, Scotland’s international reputation can only get stronger. If this level of growth continues, then it is very likely that Scottish food and drink will have an export rate similar to that of the North Sea oil and gas industry.


Alasdair Murray
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