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Scotland: The Place to Be for Tech StartUps

4 Jun 2015

 The Place to be for tech start-ups


Long gone are the days of London leading the race in producing new and innovative businesses. Edinburgh and Glasgow are now the beating heart of the Tech start-up scene, with daydreams and pet projects constantly being transformed into fully fledged new ventures.  Now offering the largest Technology clusters outside of London in terms of productivity, Scotland's vibrant Tech scene is bursting at the seams with vast pockets of entrepreneurial activity popping up throughout the country. 

Generous government backed schemes and the rise of incubation centres suggest that this Scotland will continue to house plentiful amounts of start-ups. TechcubeCodebase and Quartermile are just a few of the 17 incubation centres in the capital which offer office space, networking opportunities and mentoring support to promising young digital firms. The shared space within these centres also allows companies to share both resources and inspiration with one another. 


So, which start-ups are currently thriving in Scotland? Here's a few to get you feeling inspired: 

Based in Edinburgh, Freeagent is one of the UK's largest, and most popular, online accounting service and is considered as one of Europe's top financial technology companies by over 40,000 freelancers and small businesses. This start-up has enjoyed a reported 2218% rise in turnover over since its creation. 

Over in Glasgow, the UK's fifth biggest hotspot for entrepreneurial activity, is Swipii. Swipii is a tablet-based loyalty card system for small and medium sized businesses, which accumulated thousands of users in its first few months alone. Launched in 2014, the creators of Swipii were funded by Glasgow city council initiative DEG (Digitial Enterprise Glasgow). This offers office space, networking, advice, financial support, private investors and student interns for startup businesses.  

Tigergames is the brainchild of Kate Ho, an Edinburgh University computer science graduate. Ho chose to base her company in Edinburgh because of the engineering talent on offer, moving here from Hong Kong. Tigergames, which provides educational games on tablet devices for children, has already won several awards and have just signed a huge distribution deal in America. 


 All in all, these start-up scenes promise an exciting future ahead for Scotland and demonstrate it really is the place to be for tech-savvy entrepreneurs. For more information on Scotland's start-up scene and to celebrate their successes check out Rookieoven, Startup Cafe and My Startup Diary. 



If you are part of any tech startup's based in Scotland, let us know your thoughts!



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