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Scotland's Top Ten People in Tech

15 Apr 2015

scotland's top ten figures in tech



Bill Gates. Steve Jobs. Mark Zuckerberg. We’ve all heard the names of the giants who tower over the Tech Industry across America and Europe. Yet, with Scotland fast becoming a hot bed of Tech innovation full of young start-ups it’s important to know who is who - and which companies you should be keeping a close eye on. Read on to find out the pick of our top ten names to look out for:

 Scottish Tech Innovators:

  • 1. John Innes: After spearheading rapid growth at his IT firm The Amor Group, John managed to create the largest digital technology company in Scotland. He recently sold the business to American aerospace giant Lockheed Martin, in a deal that was processed faster than any other in their history and is now on the lookout for a start-up company to become involved in.  
  • 2. Ian Ritchie: Ian is the founder of software company Office Workstations Limited (OWL), and the Chairman of numerous Tech companies including: Iomart Computer Applications Service, the Interactive Design Institute, Cogbooks, Blipfoto and Red Fox Media. He has a wealth of experience from pitching software ideas to Bill Gates & meeting Tim Berners-Lee (inventor of the World Wide Web), to investing in and mentoring a variety of Tech start-ups here in Scotland.
  • 3. Pete Cashmore: A Tech savvy genius who created leading technology blog Mashable from his bedroom at the tender age of 19, Pete has devised a site which receives 42 million hits a month and keeps all those who have an interest in Tech up to date with the latest news and happenings. 
  • 4. Lesley Eccles: With women still only making up only 20% of the technology sector, those involved need their due recognition. Lesley is one of these women, as the co-founder of Fanduel, a fantasy sports tournament operator, with a huge American fan base and headquarters in not only Edinburgh but New York.  
  • 5. Christopher Zuicker: Christopher began working as a software engineer for Avaloq in 2005 and has since worked his way up to the position of managing director, no small feat! He now helps to provide entire teams of software engineers, business analysts and technical writers to different projects within the Avaloq group. 
  • 6. Gareth Williams: After becoming fascinated with computers as a teenager, Gareth went on to design the number one flight search engine in Europe; Skyscanner. With its headquarters in Edinburgh, Skyscanner now operates worldwide with offices in the UK, Singapore, Beijing, Shenzhen, Miami, Barcelona, Sofia and Budapest and is used by millions of people every month.
  • 7. Jamie Coleman: Jamie is sitting comfortably as Managing Director and Founder of Codebase, the largest Tech incubator in the UK and the fastest growing in Europe. Based in Edinburgh, Jamie helps Codebase to build and grow the next generation of Tech giants. Previously, he has founded the Edinburgh International Technology Festival, which aims at bringing digital technology into the Edinburgh Festival to celebrate digital culture and creativity. 
  • 8. Alan Lloyds: Insight Arcade is an online platform to connect training providers and organisations for adult learners. As the Founder and Managing Director, Alan has been working on the concept for the last three years and is working towards the launch next year, which is forecasted for great success! 
  • 9. Kate Ho: Kate is the managing director of Tigerface Games, an award winning company which builds collaborative learning games based on tablet devices, aiming to make it possible for children to simultaneously play and learn together. After studying computer science in Edinburgh, Kate decided to stay in the city and take advantage of the engineering talent on offer. 
  • 10. Peter Gerard: Whilst already having produced several award winning documentaries and films, Peter has recently decided to create the company Distrify, a film distribution platform which aims at placing a button next to film trailers so people can pay and watch in one click. 


Let us know in the comments below if you have been inspired by any leaders in the Tech field, we'd love to hear your suggestions!

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