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Scottish Tech Companies Making Waves With IoT

5 Feb 2016
Peter Dunn

Internet of Things Scotland

Scotland and The Internet of Things

You’ve heard plenty about ‘the next big thing in tech’ over the years, but few industries are shaping up like the potential $11 trillion behemoth that is the Internet of Things (IOT).  From smart watches to home security systems, from health monitoring bands to Google Glass – IOT is penetrating every area of our lives and is set to be the game changer for years to come.


Scotland has a proud tradition of being at the forefront of technical innovation and the Scotland of 2016 is no different in this new, connected landscape.  We profile 3 Scottish organisations blazing an Internet of Things trail.



With their ‘any input, any solution’ tagline, NetThings are one of the leading suppliers of residential energy monitoring solutions with their low-cost, flexible and infinitely versatile Internet of Things device which can be controlled via a cloud-based software system accessible from any web-connected device around the world. 


Currently aimed at the energy and building automation markets their product can reach many different markets including connected cars, assisted living and security.   Having been the first recipients of Barclays ‘Innovation Finance’ scheme in addition to strong investor backing you can expect to see NetThings going from strength in 2016 and beyond.



Snap40 have a simple but incredibly ambitious aim: they want to save lives. 


They have developed a wearable device which acts as an early warning system for patients in medical care.  The IOT device constantly monitors a variety of patient vital signs with machine learning algorithms which detect signs of deterioration.  Once detected, the device alerts medical professionals allowing them to make decisions and interventions earlier. 


Established in the summer of 2014, Snap40 has seen tremendous private investor backing as well as receiving the coveted ScotEdge award which rewards Scotland’s high-growth, innovative entrepreneurial talent. 


Silent Herdsman

Encapsulating the ‘anything anywhere’ mantra of IoT, Silent Herdsman has developed a wireless, wearable health monitoring collar for cows. 


With alerts received via any Smartphone, tablet, PC or any other internet enabled device, their product can provide a variety of key benefits: it can detect early stages of illness within cattle, it monitors eating patterns and can also detect heat.  Given that the global cattle population is estimated somewhere around the 1.5 billion mark the opportunity to gain such precise and far reaching data analytics could revolutionise the farming industry by maximising fertility, milk yields and operational efficiency.


The Future's Bright

As a country, we have a rich heritage in producing some of the most forward thinking tech across the world and is home to some of the best tech talent. It's great to see innovative Scottish tech businesses embracing Internet of Things to enrich our daily lives.


Do you have any thoughts on the Internet of Things? Then share them in the comments section below! If you'd like to speak to me about helping your tech business grow through finding the right talent, or to discuss career options, then you can reach me via the following:


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Peter Dunn
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