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Should you change jobs in 2022?

8 Dec 2021
Lindsey Boxall

Is it time to change careers? Or is it better to stick it out at your current company? 

Considering whether to change jobs is always a difficult decision. That’s because we have no way of knowing the outcome. 

Will you be better off and happier? Or, will the opposite be true? Unfortunately, you won’t know unless you take the leap.  

But, there are some things you can do to remove the guesswork when deciding whether to change careers. Here are some signs you might be ready to change jobs.

Staying for a job’s potential 

Is your boss promising you exciting opportunities in the future? Perhaps you’ve been told that a new project will soon be on the horizon or that you’ll be given new responsibilities in the future. 

While it’s reasonable to wait for opportunities that you believe are a sure thing, it’s not always a good idea to stick around for prospects that you’re not sure whether they’ll come to fruition. 

If you suspect that your employer might be stringing you along and that the opportunities they’re promising might not happen within the next three to six months, then it might be time to start looking elsewhere. 

You feel unfulfilled in your role 

If you feel like you’re just going through the motions at work, then you need to shake things up fast. You don’t always need to search for a new job if you’re feeling unfulfilled, but you need to address the issue before it worsens. 

Take some time to reflect on what’s causing your lack of motivation. Have you hit a point where your work feels second nature to you and need a new challenge? Maybe you’re finding work overwhelming and need support from your employer. Once you’ve hit upon the reason behind your lack of motivation, consider whether speaking with your employer would lead to change. If that’s unlikely, then finding a new role is likely to be a good move for you. 

You’re feeling unhappy 

Worse than feeling unfulfilled at work, workplace unhappiness can lead to all sorts of mental and physical health conditions. We spend so much of our lives at work. Nobody should feel miserable every day - and if your job is making you miserable, take this as your sign to find a new one, fast. 

Although we’ve traditionally had a ‘stiff upper lip’ attitude in the UK, more of us are now appreciating the importance of personal wellbeing. Many of us would now rather take a pay cut than remain in a work situation that makes us unhappy. 

You’re not happy with your salary 

If you feel that your work is being financially undervalued and not something your employer is prepared to change, it could be worth shopping around to find a similar role that can offer a higher salary. 

By working with a recruiter, you’ll receive an honest assessment of your experience and skill set and how much it is worth to potential employees. That way, you’ll know how much you can reasonably ask for in salary at a new role.

You want to try something new

Even if things are going well in your role, you might simply want to try something a bit different: and that’s OK! 

Many peoples’ skillsets are versatile and can be applied to different job roles. If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at another career, we say: go for it! You wouldn’t be the first to do so.

Why you should work with a recruiter

If you’re thinking about changing jobs, it’s well worth going through a recruiter like Eden Scott. 

Why? Because we work closely with businesses across several industries, and we’re often the first to know about exciting new opportunities. 

When you work with Eden Scott, we get to know you closely, finding out everything from your strengths and weaknesses to what makes you tick. Because we work hard to understand candidates, we can advocate for you with employers and put you forward for roles that we know you’ll excel at. 

Drop off your CV 

We often recommend that candidates should submit their CVs to us even if they don’t see a role they’re interested in applying for right now. That’s because new vacancies go live every day, and if we already have your CV on file, we’re much more likely to be able to understand whether you’re a good fit. You’ll be first in line to hear about these opportunities, too, meaning we can often fast track your application. 

Submit your CV here, and we’ll soon be back in touch.


Lindsey Boxall
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