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Style Tips For Working Dads

10 Jun 2014

The length of time it takes to make a first impression has been studied repeatedly, with results varying from half a minute, right down to a tenth of a second. Not very long, huh? The length of time it takes for a toddler to throw porridge on your tie is roughly the same. Dressing for how you want to be perceived at work is incredibly important, but if you’re a busy dad, chances are you’ve got some pretty crucial things to be dealing with before 9am like packed lunches and school runs. It is possible to balance the two, and through a few steps involving assessment and forward planning, you can look effortlessly sharp in an instant.

Style Tips For Working Dads

Know your brand

There is no point in wearing clothes you don’t feel comfortable in. Looking smart can be done in a number of different ways while remaining true to your personality. Decide what it is about you that can be displayed through your clothes – are you always on the move? Down-to-earth? Persuasive? These qualities can be emulated through how you dress. It’s the difference between Matthew McConaughey’s classic tailored style with vintage undertones, and Hugh Jackman’s often tieless, more rugged approach to suits.


Now that you have an understanding of your own personal style, and what you want your image to say, it’s time to cut out anything unnecessary. If this means buying multiples of the same shirt because of their spread collar or good cut, then do just that. It will make things far simpler in the morning. Colour is important too. You don’t want to be wasting any time having problems matching a jacket to trousers, so try and make everything in your work wardrobe belong in the same colour palette, so you can grab it and go.

The Details

Streamlining your wardrobe into simple pieces that work well and match makes the details stand out more, and these often say more about you than the clothes themselves. If your style is classic, invest in a great watch or a sought after make of briefcase. For some quirky additions, trend led patterned socks and pocket squares in tartans or spots are very quick and easy yet make you look like you’ve had all morning to look that cool.


Preparation goes further than knowing what you’re going to wear; maintenance is critical. Set aside a morning at least once a month and polish your way through all of your shoes – maybe even get the kids to help. If you have to drop off your children somewhere often, a dance class for example, find out if there is a dry cleaner or ironing service nearby. That way it will be less of a hassle when you need to use one because you’ll already be in the area.

These tips can’t prevent morning mishaps, but they can mean you get to pretend they never happened. It’ll be between you and the pocket square.

Got any work wear style tips of your own? Share them in the comments below.

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