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Take Your Finance Career To Jersey

3 Dec 2015

Take Your Finance Career to Jersey

Fund Accountants Ashley and Aimee, twin sisters from Edinburgh, relocated to the Channel Islands this year for their first international career move.

The ACCA qualified sisters, who established their careers in the Scottish capital’s vibrant financial services sector, simultaneously secured positions in State Street Jersey with the support of the International Finance recruitment team at Eden Scott. Our consultants caught up with the girls during their recent trip to Jersey to find out how they are finding life on the island. 


What attracted you to make an international move and why did you choose Jersey?

Ashley: I was attracted by the development opportunities that I could gain professionally and personally through an international move. I choose Jersey because I could experience island life in a warmer climate not too far away from the UK.  I was also very attracted by the tax advantages.  

How are you enjoying Jersey? 

Ashley: I’m very much enjoying Jersey life and the international expat community. For a small island there is a large diverse international community, which is great to be able to meet and work with people from around the world.


What is the work/life balance like on the island?

Aimee: It is ideal! Obviously working in finance means there are days when you need to put in the extra hours but here it is generally balanced. The main advantage I have found is the commute to work. A 6-minute journey has made a huge difference to my day. I instantly felt the benefit and I get an extra couple of hours to enjoy the many lovely beaches in Jersey.

What do you do in your spare time?

Ashley: I enjoy an active lifestyle and I’ve been able to try new sports and actives in Jersey such as water skiing, touch rugby (an islander favourite), beach tag rugby, tennis, and badminton.  I’ve been able to take part in volunteering opportunities and recently spent a day apple picking.  Additionally, I enjoy travelling and have been able to enjoy weekend breaks to the UK, France, St Malo, Rennes and more, with these being only a short plane/ferry trip away.

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What have you found to be the biggest surprise about life in Jersey?

Ashley: I was surprised by how active the island lifestyle is and there is always an event or activity on to take part in.

Aimee: Also, the beaches are amazing. There are so many large beaches with white sands, its like being on a tropical island.


Why would you recommend Jersey as a place to relocate with your career?                                      

Aimee: I would definitely recommend Jersey as a place to relocate with your career, as it is a place you can develop professionally and personally. The large offshore finance centre offers vast opportunities and development skills. State Street Jersey has provided me with an opportunity to grow and greatly develop my career in a short space of time.

Ashley: I’ve been able to attend and present accounts at board meetings, which I never got the opportunity to do with my career in Scotland.  


What would you to say to someone who is considering moving to Jersey?

Ashley: I would say to them to take the opportunity, as you can enjoy a very active friendly community lifestyle, whilst building a valuable skill set to enhance your career. 


Is there any advice you would give to people who are moving to the Channel Islands?

Aimee: Take the opportunity to get involved in as many social events and activities as possible, this enables you to quickly meet people and build a network on the island.

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In comparison to Scotland, how would you describe the cost of living?

Ashley: The cost of living in Jersey is more expensive than Scotland, but the lower taxes compensate for the higher cost of living.               

Aimee: And you do not need to pay to get into a nightclub!


How did you find the process of finding accommodation on island?

Aimee: The process of finding accommodation on the island was problematic due to the living restrictions imposed on the island however; Eden Scott helped us tremendously in finding accommodation. They put us in contact with some lovely people. 


Thanks to Aimee and Ashley for speaking with us.

Are you interested in finding out more about working in Jersey? You can browse our latest international finance jobs and get in touch with our team to discuss your career options.

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