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Tech Recruitment 2024: A Guide for Scotland

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The tech world has faced turbulence over the past year, with market changes and economic shifts contributing to redundancies. For now at least, tech companies - and companies that employ tech workers - are taking a leaner approach to hiring. 

But while layoffs have impacted the employment market, skilled tech workers are still in high demand. Right now, attracting highly effective candidates is essential. That’s especially true in Scotland, where a smaller pool of candidates means competition for the best and brightest is fierce.

To support organisations navigating the competitive tech recruitment landscape this year, the Eden Scott tech team has compiled a detailed report. In it you’ll find:
  • New, original research into the best ways to attract tech candidates 
  • Insights and guidance into tech recruitment practices from our specialist team
  • A deep-dive into Scottish tech salaries, including developer, data science and security salaries

“Tech companies that can accommodate workers’ preferences - like hybrid setups and flexible working arrangements - stand to draw winning talent to their teams.” - Michelle Lownie, CEO & Founding Director, Eden Scott

At a glance: Key findings from our research

We polled 500 tech workers around the UK to find out what matters most to them when applying for a role.

Work-life balance works wonders:

Facilitating a healthy distinction between work and homelife is the best way to attract candidates to your team.

The office is back:

Most tech employees now want a hybrid working model - 50% in-office, 50% remote.

Flexible working wins out:

Over a third of tech workers view truly flexible working arrangements as the most important company benefit.

Social matters matter:

A company’s approach to CSR and sustainability plays an important role in 88% of tech candidates’ decision to pursue a position.

Image is everything: A further 88% of workers say a company’s public image factors into their decision to apply for a job.

What’s attracting tech candidates in 2024?

Salaries are no longer the most important factor for tech employees, with most prioritising work-life balance. Companies that can offer flexibility will turn tech candidates’ heads this year.

How do tech employees want to work?

Over a third (34%) of tech workers now want hybrid roles - meaningly they’re actively seeking positions where they’ll spend time with colleagues at least 50% of the time. 

What benefits incentivise tech candidates?

Flexible working hours, more paid time off and professional development opportunities all stood out as tech candidate magnets in our recent survey. 

Do tech employees care about their company’s impact?

It’s good to do good. Only 12% of tech workers say an organisation’s CSR activity wouldn’t impact their decision to apply for a role.

Does reputation matter to tech workers?

Just under a third (31%) of tech workers say a company’s reputation greatly affects their decision to apply for a role. Candidates go to great lengths to research companies before seriously considering a position, and will avoid accepting a job if they have doubts.

Tech salaries 2024 - Scotland

Developer Salary: Here’s what developers in Scotland are earning in 2024

Get the full list of developer salaries plus more tech salaries including data science, security, projects and infrastructure. 


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