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Temping: How to Make a Good Impression

6 Aug 2018
Jai Reynolds

Making a good impression

If you have landed a job, whether temporary or permanent, it’s natural to want your first impression on the new employers to be positive and long-lasting. If your assignment is a temporary one, you get limited time to showcase your skills and prove your worth – making it imperative that you get off to a good start.

As discussed in our previous article on temping - 6 Reasons to be a temp - temporary work provides candidates with a platform to showcase their potential to an employer and can act as a ‘foot in the door’. It gives them an opportunity to secure a permanent role by showing how they can make a positive impact on the business through their work. If a permanent role is what you aspire to, it is all the more important that you make a remarkable first impression and maintain it throughout the course of your employment.

Here are some tips to ensure that you make a great impression in your new temporary role and secure future success.

Do Your Research

Companies today have far more information publicly available that ever before. Company websites, social media, PR (press coverage, adverts, and so on) and website such as Glassdoor make your research much easier and allow you to build an in-depth profile of where you’re going to be working. Take advantage of this and thoroughly research the company, their vision, values and the services they offer, so that you are thoroughly prepared for your first day. Being knowledgeable about their journey, significant accomplishments, CSR efforts, and so on, will portray you as pro-active and will go a long way; especially in the eyes of the management. Learning about the business and demonstrating your insight of the company will go down very well with the supervisors as it will reflect your interest and dedication. 

Work Hard from Day One

There is no substitute for hard work in any professional capacity, but it is especially necessary for temps to bring their A-game from the very first day due to the limited time available to prove themselves. If you finish your tasks and assignments on time and in an efficient manner, you will be viewed more favourably than someone who is just there for a paycheck. If you treat it like a full time position and work accordingly you will leave a positive impression with your employers.

Take Initiative

Performing your designated tasks and projects diligently is important, but it is not always enough. You need to go above and beyond the work assigned to you to show your commitment. Stand out in the eyes of your employer and co-workers by asking questions, volunteering to take on more tasks, asking for training sessions and getting involved in company activities - work related as well as social. Make your presence felt but do so carefully - you don’t want to come across as over-eager. Initiate conversations with your superiors and fellow employees, take interest in their work and show willingness to learn. These are viewed as positive behaviours in the workplace and will earn you brownie points.

Follow the Office Rules and Regulations

Familiarising yourself with the rules of the office and observing strict compliance with them makes a strong first impression. It can be hard to keep track of the individual policies and procedures for each separate company, especially if you are an employee who tends to transition from one temp job to another. However, keeping on top of the rules and regulations related to absenteeism/leave, dress code, office hours, lunch breaks, safety guidelines, and so on, will be seen as a sign of a good employee by your employer.


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