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Temporary Employment: What Are The Main Benefits?

7 Mar 2016

 temporary employment

Are you an individual who enjoys the flexibility of temporary working? Or simply looking to pick up new skills and experience? Temporary employment can be an ideal fit for both employee and employer if the circumstances are right. You may find remuneration is enhanced compared with permanent employees and the variety of work on a day-to-day basis is increased with each different placement.

So what are the main benefits to a temporary position compared with a contract or permanent role?


Temporary Employment

Nervous about temping? Don't worry - temp workers are protected under the 2010 Agency Worker Regulations (AWR), this means from day one they are entitled to:


  • Use any shared facilities (canteen, crèche, car parking etc)
  • Information about new job vacancies within the company


On week 13 of the contract, temporary workers should receive the same working conditions as if they were a permanent employee of the company. This includes:


  • Basic salary
  • Holiday entitlement
  • Overtime (if applicable)
  • Bonus (if applicable)



Contract workers are employed directly by an organisation for a specific length of time. These positions target industry specific, skilled workers who have been sourced to cover a period of leave such as maternity or to bolster a team whilst working on a project. Contract workers normally receive the same benefits as a permanent member of staff whilst also benefitting from the spontaneity of temporary working.


Temporary to Permanent

Temp-perm is increasingly becoming a popular choice for both clients and candidates. This involves hiring a candidate on a temporary basis with a view to offering a permanent role at some point in the near future. This frequently happens when a client has an immediate vacancy, requires candidates who are immediately available, but also have a permanent opportunity in the future.


Main Benefits of Temporary Employment


  • Improve your skillset & gain experience
  • A flexible employment status
  • Working around professional study or qualifications
  • Gain insights into various industries and employers
  • Enhanced remuneration


Candidates can feel more secure when working in a permanent role, however this is dependent on your personal situation. Inevitably you are more likely to enhance a skill base/improve your CV in temporary posts, as you gain visibility to many companies processes and systems.

Working in a contract or interim role let’s candidates have the opportunity to be in control of their careers’ and have a degree of flexibility. There are many stories of people starting off, in large sought after organisations, as a temporary member of staff and are still working there after many years. Working as a temp is a great opportunity to get your foot in the door and impress the company.

 Are you interested in temporary working? Discover the roles we have available and begin your journey into a new career.


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