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The Beautiful Game - World Cup Career Tips

14 Jul 2014

World Cup Career Tips Football

Another World Cup has drawn to a close, taking with it its nail-biting moments, surprising wins and fans overwhelmed with emotion.

You might not think that a high pressure competition such as the World Cup has much in common with your daily office dilemmas, but still there seemed to be occurences that many of us could relate to.

What can the final four tell us about our career choices and challenges?



If there was ever a demonstration of that age old saying, "the best defence is a good offence", it's Germany's performance against Brazil.

They were relentless in exposing Brazil's weakness through their loss of key players. They managed to score early, and stuck to their formula of aggressive exploitation of Brazil's defence.

Theirs is a lesson in preparation and confidence. If you're going into a particularly difficult situation, or a career defining moment, know your strengths and weaknesses intricately. Know what will work for the situation, rather than relying on a tried and tested method. Finally, relish in your achievements and allow them to bolster your confidence.

The confidence factor was particularly demonstrated in the final - they were still on a high, and refused to be shaken even though they were up against arguably tougher opponents.



There have been comments and criticisms from the start about Argentina's central focus.

Use this as a reminder to never forget about problems that might come from your blind spot - if there's an area of work that you're not feeling confident about, or a new skill that you get a feeling might let you down in the longterm, deal with it promptly before it loses you the big win. 

Argentina didn't just suffer from too much central focus - there was also too much focus on Messi, for whom the World Cup final was particularly heartbreaking.

He showed that leading with greatness does not always guarantee victory, particularly when you are lacking in support from the rest of your team.

Don't allow others to rely on your strengths, without also contributing some of their own. If there seems to be a skills gap between your abilities, as a team member or manager, and the abilities of others, perhaps offer the opportunity for some sharing of knowledge to bring other members up to speed.



There were times that inaction seemed to be the biggest problem for the Netherlands, especially in their game against Argentina.

The Netherlands proved as a warning against hesitation, whether it’s in the game or in the office. There were many instances where the Netherlands could have really gone for it, but missed opportunities.

Taking risks can be nervewracking when it comes to your job, and you may not want to develop reputation for being reckless in your career moves.

The difference between being reckless and ambitious comes down to calculation. As the Netherlands showed, sometimes opportunities present themselves where it really is a case of blink and you'll miss it - don't let inaction prevent you from reaching your goals.



When you’re in the spotlight, as Brazil were for both hosting and history, falling can be a blow that’s hard to bear. The lesson to be learnt here is that it can happen.

Whether it’s on the pitch or for a pitch, just because the odds are in your favour doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect the unexpected. Being world renowned, or simply celebrated for your skills, does not hold any guarantees.

Some have commented that Brazil’s problem was that their current style of playing is not very true to the roots of Brazilian football.

We all have to do things out with our comfort zones in our careers, but if this starts to feature predominantly in yours then this might signal the need for a change or a re-evaluation of your role.


Did the World Cup inspire you in your career? How about your personal life? Tell us in the comments!


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