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The Benefits of Using Temporary Staff

21 Feb 2018
Jai Reynolds

Benefits of Using Temporary Staff

Over time the needs of companies often change due to internal and external factors. Most already have the skills and expertise they require within the company to accommodate these changes, however, sometimes it is necessary to take a specialist approach and hire a temporary employee.

The use of temporary employees becoming increasingly popular in the last ten years – there are now more than 800,000 temporary workers in the UK. We’ve identified 6 benefits of using temporary staff to help your company achieve its goals. 


1. Fast Track Hiring: The process of advertising vacancies, selecting, interviewing and carrying out checks/references can be a lengthy process for any company. It requires a lot of time and planning which can be detrimental, costly or even forgotten about. It is the job of the recruiter to supply the best-suited candidate for the role (and for the company) from their already well-established talent pool for consideration by the hiring manager. This reduces time scales as they can usually start immediately and have no notice periods. Ta-dah!

2. Flexibility: Using temporary resources allows a company to easily adjust to long and short-term changes in a cost-efficient way. From finding maternity, sickness or holiday cover to making the commitment of beginning a new project, using temporary staff allows your company to utilise manpower and provide assistance without the commitment of taking on a permanent employee.

3. Talent and skillset: Historically, temporary work has been associated with lower level administration and secretarial roles. However, in recent years this has seen a shift into hiring mid and high-level roles such as PAs and HR Specialists. The reality is that hiring temporary resources creates the opportunity to introduce new skills and perspectives into the role, encourage innovative ideas, and improve processes. It also introduces new talent into the company, which can in turn be passed on to permanent employees.

4. Try before you buy: Hiring a temporary resource allows you to see how they adapt and fit into the team before considering making them a permanent member of staff. As they have already acclimatised to the company’s environment and spent time with the team, it makes it much easier for them to transition to full time employment and integrate into the company.

5. Cost: Using a temporary employee allows companies to add resource without increasing their costs and permanent staff headcount. Savings can be made by hourly rates being implemented rather than salaries, and reduced benefits.

6. Office Morale: Whilst some think that integrating a temporary employee can be difficult, it can actually have a positive impact on existing staff and their morale. A temp can offer relief for a back log of work, additional workload and roles, relieving the pressure from existing core staff and ensuring they remain happy and productive!

Benefits of Using Temporary Staff

There are two main types of temporary employee contracts;

Temporary Contracts

A company often offers temporary contracts when the contract is not expected or intended to become permanent. These contracts usually have an end date agreed or may be on a week by week rolling basis to accommodate the company’s needs. Due to this, contracts can be extended to reflect the demand for work.

Fixed Term Contracts

A company will implement fixed term contracts when they need an employee for a specific period of time. This contract will be agreed and set in advance of the employee beginning work. However, sometimes a company won’t have a fixed time period to work to, but will instead require the temp to work until a specific project or task has been completed.

Here at Eden Scott we can help you to connect with high-calibre, dedicated contract and temporary workers across the UK.

Whether your business is looking to inject insight into an area where there is no internal expertise, or simply seeking a way to deal with peaks in workload, we appreciate that time is of the essence when looking for talent.

Eden Scott’s dedicated contract and interim recruitment consultants are experts in their sectors. When you partner with us we deliver first class knowledge and support in sourcing the talent your business needs, delivering the project on time and within budget.

We also have our own bespoke online timesheet portal and dedicated in-house finance administrators who can manage pay on your behalf.

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