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The Definitive Guide to Work Life Balance

26 Aug 2014

Work Life Balance Definitive Guide

Work life balance can be so elusive, that sometimes it might feel that it doesn't really exist. The juggling act of life will always take some effort to get right, and so to offer some help here is a list of some great work life balance articles. From financial advice to productive commuting, these 25 articles will hopefully turn your juggling act into a wonder to behold.



To get the most out of your time, you need to be on time - Fast Company's Four Habits of Punctual People

Using your time effectively starts on the way to the office - Lifehacker's 5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Commute

Once you get there, make your meetings as productive as possible - Lifehacker's Ultimate Guide to Productive Meetings

Make life online just as efficient - Buffer's Super Helpful List of Keyboard Shortcuts 

Time is precious, so don’t get distracted and miss it - Lifehacker's Guide to Defeating Distractions 



Success starts before 8am - Forbes 5 Things Successful People Do Before 8am 

Successful people are usually pretty persuasive - Learn How to Be Like Them With Buffer's Guide to Persuasion

It's important to have a great personal brand - Look at The Muse ABCs of Personal Branding 

If we had to choose three simple tips? - They would be these Forbes thoughts 

What are the 8 things really successful people do? - Inc tells us here 



You might want to read this list standing up - The Washington Post Reveals the Health Hazards of Sitting 

Don’t forget about your mental health, often the most important concern at work - OfficeVibe's Infographic is a Great Guide to Mental Health at Work 

At work, you really can get by with a little help from your friends - The Huffington Post Tells Us About the Benefits of Friendship at Work 

A healthy office, a healthy you - 10 Steps to a Healthier Office from Lifehacker 

And don't forget about lunch - Spark People's Guide to Eating Healthily at Work



How is money linked to happiness? Happify Tells Us Exactly How 

Sort these aspects of your finances before you do anything - 11 Financial Fixes from Lifehacker You Need Right Now 

The key is a budget; here’s a simple one - A Simple Budget from Entrepreneur 

You’re not always alone in this - Couples Need Financial Help Too 

Now that your personal finances are in order as they are, it’s time to try and increase them - Inc's Guide to Getting a Proper Raise 



Learn to relax - Lifehacker Reveals the Ways of True Relaxation 

Don’t let the stress get you down - How to Beat Stress and Boost Happiness; An Infographic from Happify 

Make these lists and never be stuck for happy things again - Business Insider Shows Us Lists Everyone Should Make 

Make your quest for happiness scientific- Office Vibe Gives the Science Behind Happiness 

You could even do it in three small steps - The Muse has Three Little Tips for Your Future Happiness 


Got any more for us? It's always helpful to know more guides when it comes to work life balance, and happiness at work. Let us know below!


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