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The Human Touch: how important is it?

12 Jun 2018
Peter Dunn

Senior and Executive Recuitment

The world has never been so connected. Technologically speaking, of course. In reality our world, and more specifically the individuals in it, is anything but.

From nations granting citizenship to artificial intelligences (how Sophia decides to best use her new Saudi Arabian status remains to be seen), to Amazon Dash Buttons making the age-old family argument about who finished the last of, well, anything, a thing of the past; it seems we’re in a hurry to remove actual human contact from many facets of modern life. Whether these events represent significant changes to humanity’s understanding of itself, or just PR stunts, remains to be seen – but what is clear is the drive towards automation, mechanisation and AI.

It's somewhat ironic then that the diminishing ‘human element’ is arguably the most important when hiring for senior and executive level tech talent.  The people leading our technology charge to a brave new world of voice activated homes and self-driving vehicles are invariably sourced, selected and judged on their softer skills rather than their technical ability.

In some ways this approach was inevitable. Technology continues to permeate so very many facets of daily life, and modern tech functions have evolved beyond “have you tried rebooting it?”.  The success of any Senior and Executive Level tech post depends on an ability to champion and drive strategic change, to influence everyone from graduate level to C Suite, and to embody and embed the cultural values through all of their engagements, both internally and externally, to the business.

The selection processes are often far longer and utilise a variety of traditional selection methods that emphasise the importance of that ‘human element’.  From psychometric and personality testing to large panel interview, from presentations through to assessment centres; it’s about your ability to connect and influence at an individual and group level. 

At Eden Scott, we have 14 years’ experience of guiding tech Managers, Directors and CTO’s through the process to a successful conclusion.  Our Consultants take the time to understand the intricacies of the candidates we work with and combine that with subject matter expertise knowledge of the market.  If you’re looking to hire for roles like this, or if you’re looking for new opportunities, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Senior and Executive Recuitment


Peter Dunn
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