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The Saltire Foundation 2014 - 2 Weeks In

29 Sep 2014

Babson College Saltire Foundation

The 2014 Saltire Fellows have started their exciting journey. Echoing the messages of good luck from family, friends, supporters and alumni Eden Scott wishes them all well as they now settle into life at The Babson Institute in Boston.  

As a committed supporter of the Saltire Foundation, we are delighted to have Lisa Thomson as our nominated Eden Scott Fellow in the 2014 cohort.

Lisa will be featuring on our blog throughout the programme, to update us on her experiences. If you're considering entering the programme next year, or what fresh insight into the programme from one of the Fellows, then make sure you check back often and follow us on LinkedIn.

Without further ado, over to Lisa.

Lisa Thomson Saltire FoundationI'm settling into life at Babson College and I'm absolutely thrilled to be the Eden Scott Fellow.

We have had 2 weeks of classes now, learning about Marketing, Sales, Business Models, Innovation, Disruption and Leadership.

The Babson campus is stunning and the faculty staff are fantastic, very interesting, and they all have a diverse range of experience.

We are working on group projects now with USA businesses. Personally, I am working with a startup company called Board on Track which is developing a platform tool for non-profit Boards to manage their processes and compliance effectively which is really interesting. One of the Founders is Scottish and ex-Spider and Marconi.

I've been out networking including some startup pitching events. I met up with StartupGrind Chapter Directors from NYC and Boston, a "Disruption Dinner" event on Gender Lens Investing, and yesterday I went to a talk at Harvard Business school with Peter Thiel which was fantastic!

We have had some free time too and been out exploring the area which is so beautiful. We've been on the Freedom trail in Boston and walked along by the river there, and also spent a day exploring Cape Cod on Sunday.

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