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Thinking of an International Move?

30 Jul 2015

thinking of an international move


Ready to expand your horizons?


We live in interesting times, according to a recent Talent Mobility 2020, the number of professional international work assignments is set to double by 2020. 

Your career is no longer limited by the opportunities available to you in your home country. The right combination of experience, qualifications and attitude now means that the global employment market is much more accessible than you might think.


Why move?


Better career opportunities – depending on your skill set there may be a greater range of career opportunities open to you outside your home market.

Improved long-term career prospects – increasing globalization means that if you do want to reach the higher echelons of your firm or organization, you are likely at some stage to be managing an international team and therefore international experience will be critical to your ability to do that well.

New life experiences –whether it be learning how to do business in China, working on a rig in Angola or surfing on the Gold Coast of Australia, an international move is likely to give you experiences hard to match at home.With so many reasons to move, it is no wonder people are relocating. But where are they going?


First Steps 


What’s stopping you?

So given the considerable benefits of moving, what prevents people from actually doing it?


Friends and family - many international assignments don’t happen because the move has not been fully discussed with family – not only immediate family that are moving but also family that are being left behind. E.g. what will your partner do to find work in the new location? Will your elderly parents be able to cope without you being around?

Immigration – even with borders becoming more fluid, you cannot move to a country simply because you want to, you will still need to satisfy, age, skills, education and personal status visa criteria.Finances - don’t forget a move is expensive; if your relocation is not being funded by your organisation, make sure that you look at all potential expenses including immigration, flights, shipping, short-term accommodation, tax advice and any house sale.

Although you can find many reasons not to move, if you really want to do it, you will find a way!


Ready to go?


Significant changes in the global employment market in the last 10 years mean that there has never been a better time to explore international career opportunities.  Working abroad can be undertaken in innovative ways and barriers within the global employment market are being broken down.

If you want to propel your career within a major global organization, an international move is no longer optional, it is essential.  So in short, move yourself!

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