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UX Who Cares?

6 Nov 2015

UX Jobs Scotland


Ever wondered why Facebook is blue?


Well the answer isn’t user experience design (UX). Facebook is blue because Mark Zuckerberg is red-green colour blind.


Luckily for Zuckerberg blue is the colour that resonates the most with both male and female web users.


So what is UX? Well contrary to popular belief it's not all about choosing web colours, although UX professionals do consider that. Ultimately user experience designers want to help the user to meet their needs.


This is becoming much more pertinent as screen sizes continue to shrink and mobile becomes the most popular device for browsing.


The objective of good UX is to remove friction, those sticky points of a website that might be ambiguous or unclear as to what a user actually has to do. By removing friction, you drive conversion growth.


In short user experience is all about creating an easy and positive experience for the user so they are much more likely to conduct an action.


UX is a hot topic. The rise of user experience has led to many designers calling themselves a UX professional. But UX isn’t just design, it also encompasses user research, usability testing, information architecture, data analysis and engineering. UX collaborates with tech, marketing and customer service to deliver an exceptional user experience.


To use design parlance, UX is about joining what the user sees with how the application is used. UX professionals are analytical creatives with an eye for detail.


The rise in the UX designer is a good thing. For starters it means there is more people dedicated to improving the user experience. Organisations realise the power in tailoring their digital platforms that are centred around the user.


UX is inextricably linked with business growth. Generally speaking, a positive user experience generates more conversions. More conversions typically provide more revenue.


Ever spent a morning on Pinterest frantically “pinning” away? Well that’s because Pinterest used intuitive UX to take new users through the process of creating their first pin. By providing a “how to” experience, activation rates grew by over 20%.


And now is a great time to work in UX. User experience is finding its voice in many organisations and is recognised as a much needed skill set within the digital team, be it agency or in-house.


Interested to hear what’s happening within Scotland’s UX job market? We caught up with our resident digital recruitment expert to get some insight into what employers are looking for when hunting for talented UX professionals.


What do UX professionals do?

A UX Designer or Specialist produces and designs compelling user experiences that increase customer conversion, retention and loyalty. In essence their main focus is to adapt the product they are working on to make it easier to use for the consumer. In a world where we consume media on multiple platforms at all hours of the day it is essential that businesses are creating easily consumed products for the changing needs of the customer.

Society has become digitised beyond all recognition and the lives of the 21st century human is immersed in digital – from the way you shop, holiday, work, connect, learn and socialise so every engagement with a digital product needs to be maximised!


What skills do UX professional needs to have?

UX professionals can start their career in design or front-end web development. Most them specialise in UX and become adept at the basic skillsets such as wireframing and user testing their design. Depending on the business and the person they will also create personas and scenarios to ensure that the end products fits well to the consumers lifestyle.

Key skills UX candidates need to have are:

  • Wireframing
  • User testing experience
  • Experience of prototyping
  • End to end design skills for websites or Apps
  • Ability to collaborate with product and marketing teams
  • Able to provide insight into what visual and interaction design works well for consumers
  • Ability to work with detailed design patterns and prototypes
  • Understand a number of web technologies
  • Passionate about design and how user experience can change any digital product

Just like SEO and PPC, User Experience is constantly evolving – this is incredibly exciting!


Why are companies hiring UX teams?

As mentioned before, a good user experience creates customer loyalty, maximises engagement and profit for the product.

Society is more critical and aware of good design than ever before – consumers have little time to work with complicated apps or websites and ease of use promotes an omni channel affect and most of all customer loyalty.


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