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What does a Recruitment Resourcer Do

recruitment resourcer

The field of recruitment is extremely competitive and fast-paced. The pressures on recruiters are increasing day by day due to a decline in candidate availability and the uncertainty caused by unpredictable job markets. In such circumstances, resourcers are an asset to any recruitment business because of the invaluable support they provide to recruiters. They identify, attract, and shortlist candidates for the recruitment process in accordance with the requirements of the business briefs.

As the trends in recruitment shift from traditional practices of posting adverts on job sites towards establishing a robust social media presence and personal network, the role of a recruitment resourcer has become more important than ever. A common question I am often asked is; what does a recruitment resourcer do day-to-day? In a nutshell, resourcers seek out talent across a variety of online platforms, such as LinkedIn, where they can communicate with a broad pool of candidates and potential candidates. They also play a key role in identifying new business opportunities by scanning job boards and acting as the eyes and ears of the business.

Day to Day Duties of a Recruitment Resourcer

  • Searching for and identifying job leads to pass to the relevant consultant and strive to identify new candidates and client opportunities.
  • Source new candidates from job sites, social media and other platforms using local market knowledge. Contact the candidates and conduct an initial screening to find out what roles they are interested in, their salary expectations, notice period, the reason for leaving their current role, and so on.
  • When working on specific roles, coordinating with the relevant consultant to learn  the job details, specific qualifications required, and the experience needed (if any) and use this information to source candidates who meet the criteria. Plan the candidate search - if sourcing a new candidate, searching through all available sources. If not, searching for a new candidate and scanning the agency’s database to find suitable candidates who already have a working relationship with the consultants.
  • Conducting the initial screening when dealing with new candidates, followed by registering the candidate to match the roles they are looking for. Another important function is to understand and manage candidates’ aspirations to ensure they find the right role.
  • They would also bring up any serious issues to the consultant. At a later stage, resourcers also provide support in carrying out pre-employment and compliance checks in line with company policy and relevant legislation.
  • Providing general administrative support to the recruitment function, such as answering enquiries, supporting the sales process, and making sure that the candidates and clients always receive a professional and comprehensive recruitment service.

Impact a Recruitment Resourcer Has 

  • Allows consultants time to focus on other things such as business development and client meetings.
  • Makes the recruitment process smoother for consultants by contacting new and old candidates and preparing a suitable pool of candidates for the relevant role.
  • Brings in more business by identifying and progressing new client and candidate leads.
  • Ensures the smooth running of operations by maintaining dialogue throughout the candidate experience, scheduling screenings and coordination of interviews, and providing constructive feedback.

Difference Between a Recruitment Resourcer and a Recruitment Consultant

  • The role of resourcer is mainly candidate focused and involves working alongside a consultant within a specific discipline helping them source candidates for roles they are working on - especially roles which are difficult to fill. In contrast, a consultant’s role is more focused on client relationship building and business development.
  • My recent promotion from a resourcer to a consultant has exposed me to a wider mix of candidates and clients. Also, as a consultant, the role is much faster paced – I am currently learning that preparation and structure are key to success.

I would say that for anyone looking to pursue a career in recruitment, starting as resourcer is an excellent stepping stone; especially if you come from a sales or a customer-focused background like I did.

As a recruitment resourcer, I really enjoyed working with the consultants across different disciplines such as HR, business support, financial services and accountancy and finance, which taught me new things every day and prepared me for my current role as an Associate Consultant for the business support sector.

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