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Why Choose A Career In Construction?

27 Jan 2017

Why Choose a Career in Construction?

You might never have considered a career in construction but it could be the perfect move for your development.

As the industry recovers from the recession, both the UK and Scottish governments have commited to large scale house building and infrastructure programmes which has resulted in increased demand for skilled tradespeople and degree qualified specialists across a range of disciplines in the last few years.

Why a Career in Construction – Strengthening Market

The UK construction industry is certainly enjoying a period of significant investment. It's reported there is £500bn worth of investment assigned to a number of major infrastructure projects including HS2 and Hinckley Point as well as a number of large house building projects across the country.

Results from the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) Scotland in their 'State of the Trade Survey' for the last quarter of 2016 highlighted growth amongst its members. The commitment from the government and the confidence this breeds seems to have kept the market moving in the right direction.

Why a Career in Construction – Skills Shortage

However, despite the investment and increasing confidence it's clear the construction industry is suffering from a serious skills shortage. With the increase in large value projects, demand is definitely outstripping supply. Many feel there has been a lack of focus from the education sector on trades such as carpentry and joinery which means the skills just aren’t there to replace the current generation.

It is also the case that many of the degree educated roles including mechanical or civil engineers have chosen industries such as oil and gas or renewables rather than construction has drained the industry of these much needed skills.

Why a Career in Construction – Progression

Recognising this as a key issue, one that will certainly hamper efforts to complete these large scale projects on time and on budget, the government have introduced a levy on construction companies, 0.5% of annual wage bills, to reinvest in training across the industry from apprenticeships to established professionals looking to develop.

The industry is committed to skilling-up its workforce to meet the impending challenges of an ever growing sector and the support from the government demonstrates the importance they are placing on its success.

Why a Career in Construction – Getting That Job

From our experience and in terms of the jobs we are looking to fill, the sector is certainly in a very buoyant position. However, we thought we would add a few hints and tips to help you understand the market better and secure that role you are after.

Obviously we would always suggest the first step is signing up with a recruitment expert. We understand the changable needs of the market and know how and when the different types of jobs fit into the projects.

Stay up to date with the industry news to find out where the latest projects are starting. There are a number of trade publications who carry the latest news sections including Scottish Construction News, Construction News,

However, what we tend to find is people focus on the reports of lead contractor rather than finding out about the sub contractors doing the preparatory work. Identifying the additional framework suppliers who support the main contractors can be the perfect way into the roles on the bigger project.


It's clear the construction industry finds itself in a far stronger position than it has in the past and there are a number of jobs for people that might not have considered construction before.

There is a lot of investment going into the sector but there is a skills shortage. However with the investment in training and development, which is supported by the government, it is a sector in which you could definitely grow your career.

So get in touch with one of our consultants today and we will help you find that next role in a growing sector.



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