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Why Our Employees Love Working for Us

27 Mar 2015

 Why Our Employees Love Working for Us


Several companies focus only upon the success of their company as a whole, rather than also acknowledging the successes of the individuals who helped achieve it. This is where Eden Scott deviates. Here, we’re constantly looking out for hard work and opportunities to reward it, in the way that our employees choose. This includes industry leading bonuses, referral and retainer awards and 25% fee following confirmed referrals and recommendations from clients. 

However, don’t just take our word for it. Below, a few of our outstanding employees show and tell you why they love working here.


The Holidays

Lucy Nicoll, a Managing Consultant over in our Aberdeen office: 

Lucy Nicoll"I’ve been lucky enough to win the annual holiday prize twice now and have had the opportunity to choose two amazing holidays to embark on. The first was in St Lucia and the second in Cape Town, South Africa. Both were amazing and definitely an incentive to work towards."


 Infinity Pool in St Lucia  
                                                                                                       Lucy's hotel in St Lucia




 Niall Bree, an IT consultant in our Glasgow office: 


Niall Bree  “I enjoyed two weeks paid holiday in Surfers Paradise Australia in reward for five years at Eden Scott due to their generous    sabbatical policy.  I’ve also been lucky to    enjoy  other    landmark trips to New York and Barcelona paid for by Eden    Scott."

Holidaying in Australia                                                                                                                                                                                              
                                                                                                                                         Niall on holiday with his family in Australia

The Luxury Weekends 

Jennifer Telfer, a member of our sales and marketing team, in the Edinburgh office:

Jennifer Telfer

 "I was rewarded for being one of the top ten billers of year with a weekend at Archerfield House. I loved getting to spend the  weekend here relaxing in the spa and even enjoyed a lovely meal! A great perk of the job."

Archerfield House








The Social Life

Here at Eden Scott, we've always got something to look forward to. From 18k lunch clubs, to Christmas parties at the Balmoral, we're always up for having fun.  

Summer Party at Eden Scott










As you can see, Eden Scott are bursting with employee benefits. To round off, here's a quick word from one the managers, Rona Griersonwith her highlights: 


Rona Grierson

 “As one of the original members of staff I think there are LOADS of benefits working for ES. Here’s my top ten…

 1)    You are treated both as an adult and with respect. If you do the work, they give you lots of autonomy to do the job in return.

 2)    There’s a great social life here, lots of nights out and paid for events.

 3)    Amazing colleagues who all work hard too.

 4)    Always people to get help from if you need it.

 5)    Fabby rewards; extra days off, holidays, pens, Ipads, nights away at VERY smart venues.

 6)    Golf outings – if you play.

7)    Members of lots of associations, lots of networking dinners, conferences and events.

8)    End of quarter, end of 6 months and end of year drinks… In fact end or beginning of anything drinks!

9)    Directors who also do the job - so know exactly what the pitfalls and challenges are.

10)  Great reputation as a company.”  


If any of this sounds appealing to you, don't be shy. We'd love to hear from you, browse our positions and get in touch if you feel well suited. 


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