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Why You or Your Company Should Consider a Move to Scotland

4 Mar 2015

Why Move To Scotland?



Endless drams of whisky, forkfuls of haggis and a street party that boasts enough fireworks to make Guy Fawkes jealous. Scotland’s jollity and penchant for celebrations are no secret. However, many people are unaware of the amazing work opportunities the country offers, with relocation often being seen as a daunting and undesirable prospect.

 Read our guide to find out why you should consider the move over the border…


Setting up business in Scotland: 

  • Forget frittering away money on extortionate office rents in the South of England. By moving to central city locations like Glasgow and Edinburgh, all of the advantages of London offices are available for a lot smaller sums.


  • The money saved on rent allows for consideration of areas of your company that could benefit from extra funding. Think about what this injection of saved money could do, perhaps allowing for more staff to be hired or spending on vital areas to boost company awareness such as marketing and advertising. Don’t just take our word for it, look at the likes of one of our high flying clients, Sky Scanner, who set up business in Edinburgh in 2003 and boasts the number one flight search engine in Europe, now with offices in Singapore, Miami and Barcelona to name but a few.
  • Away from the big smoke, Scotland offers lots of new and undiscovered talent. Recruitment agencies, like ourselves at Eden Scott, are on hand to help select the freshest of the crop and supply you the perfect staff members with unique skill sets to give your company the extra edge.


Working in Scotland:


  • Sick of the same old commute and blank, lifeless faces? Abandon the rat race and come to work in one of the world’s friendliest countries that boasts a fantastic transport system with much shorter commutes, allowing for that ever elusive extra home time through the hours saved on buses and tubes.  


  • Being the centre of excellence of electronic technologies, the fifth largest financial services centre in Europe, and a thriving Scottish food industry estimated at reaching 12.5 billion this year, it's clear that business in Scotland is booming across several sectors. Visit our website to discover the opportunities available in Scotland with the leading client companies we work with, such as Glenmorangie, Scottish Water and Avaloq and discover the plentiful mix of markets available. 
  • Looking outside of work, quality of living can’t be compared. The plentiful countryside offers serenity and weekend walks whilst its towns are filled with a cosmopolitan spirit for those preferring a more urban setting. Families are more than catered for, with Scotland offering free nursery education for two years, as well as boasting an excellent range of high achieving schools and world class universities.


 If this article has tempted you into consideration, check out our website and sign up to hear about job alerts that may be waiting for you in Scotland today. 



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