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Working with Recruiters - dispelling a myth

7 Feb 2018
Alison Curran

working with recruiters

‘A recruiter will tell my boss that I’m looking for a new opportunity’

We face this accusation a lot. And, to be fair, it is a nightmare scenario.  You’ve taken the plunge and decided to look for a new role, or even just seek general career advice, and somehow your manager has twigged. What do you do? Change your name and start a new life in a different city? Feign amnesia when questioned about your search?

Luckily, you don’t have to do either of these as the idea that a recruiter would tell your manager you’re looking to jump ship is a myth. A quick google search shows that some people have indeed came across this issue, though it is incredibly rare. The fear of this happening outweighs the possibility of it actually happening by 1,000,000-1.

At Eden Scott we value long-term relationships. We work with people as they progress through their careers and help them achieve their goals. Working with people over time benefits everyone involved – the candidate gets a more personalised and detailed service each time, we place more people in higher paid roles, and the clients get the best possible people for the job. Contacting someone’s manager isn’t going to build that relationship. It just isn’t a professional or efficient way to do business.

We are trying to change the image of the recruitment industry. We’re committed to running our business in an open, honest and transparent way. We have a moral and legal obligation to anyone we speak to to protect their data and not share it with anyone without their prior permission. Failing to do that would not only tarnish our reputation, but also that of the industry at large. That’s not what we’re all about.

So for anyone worried about a recruiter spilling the beans, don’t be. It’s such a rare occurrence you’re more likely to win the lottery, and then you wouldn’t need a recruitment company anyway. It’s impossible to eliminate the risk entirely, but unless you’re working with a one-in-a-million rogue consultant it isn’t something you need to worry about. It’s certainly not something you need to worry about when you’re working with Eden Scott.

If this blog hasn’t put your mind at ease, feel free to pick up the phone or drop us an email - one of our consultants will talk you through the whole process and make sure you’re entirely comfortable with our processes and methods.

Or, if you're feeling safe in the knowledge we're not going to tell your boss you're on the job hunt, why not drop off your CV?



Alison Curran
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