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You've Reached the Top - What's Next?

19 Jan 2020

 You've Reached The Top

If you're lucky enough to have achieved the majority of your career goals you might think it's time to enjoy a well-earned break. Or, conversely, you could double down your efforts to make a difference! Stagnation isn't good for your mental health or your overall wellness in the workplace, so here are some ideas for when you feel you've hit the top.

Think Bigger

Are you really at the top? Don't be limited by your perceptions of what you can and can't achieve. If you've reached a senior management position, find out what opportunities there are in your organisation for progression to board level management. If there aren't any, use your network to seek out opportunities in other firms, or perhaps a startup – being in a senior role in a large corporation could equate to being in charge at a startup or SME.

Think Different

Would your company benefit from a division dedicated to innovative business practices? Do you have a lot of business opportunity in a foreign country, but no foothold there? If you've reached a position of authority in your business, you could be the person to solve this. Heading up a new venture within your company will require a lot of trust and some leeway to allow for initial difficulties any new project experiences, but if your endeavor is successful it could be one of the most rewarding experiences of your career - and be of significant benefit to the company as a whole.

Seek Excellence

You may have reached the top, but are you succeeding in every aspect of your role? Adopt strict measurement policies to ascertain exactly how you and your division are functioning with you at the helm. Developing as a leader is important to maintaining trust in your employees. An intrinsic understanding of your divisional or organisational operations – consolidating your activities to ensure you're running a well oiled machine - is critical. Whether it involves re-examining outsourcing activities, ensuring your employees have up-to-date skills, or simply spending more time with your team to learn more about each function; seek excellence in every aspect of your leadership position and it could lead to even better things.

Get Involved With CSR and Charity

If you've gotten to the top of your corporate world it might be time to consider putting your skills and leadership qualities to use for a good cause. If you've always had a passion for animal welfare, international humanitarian efforts or another charitable activity, there may well be an opening in a senior position with an organisation where you could make a difference with your excellent management skills and corporate understanding. You could also become a mentor and allow your success to help business leaders of the future – Business Gateway or MentorsMe offer a lot of useful advice and guidance regarding the journey towards becoming a mentor.

Remember - reaching the top of one mountain usually means being able to see the summit of a higher one, so use your current success to propel you forward, and don't settle for any one definition of success.

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