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Eden Scott Joins Forces with Scottish Capital Network

18 Jul 2014

Eden Scott has aligned with LINC Scotland to further its presence within the Scottish start-up community.

4 Reasons Your Career Is Like Golf

17 Jul 2014

Let the Open inspire you to…build your career? It might sound strange, but working on your golf game and developing your future have a lot in common.

What Do The Latest Oil and Gas Job Cuts Mean?

16 Jul 2014

Following the news that there have been further job cuts in the Aberdeen job market, Eden Scott Managing Director James Milne provides some context into why there has been changes within some oil and gas firms over the past few weeks.

The Beautiful Game - World Cup Career Tips

14 Jul 2014

Another World Cup has drawn to a close, taking with it its nail-biting moments, surprising wins and fans overwhelmed with emotion.

You might not think that a high pressure competition such as the World Cup has much in common with your daily office dilemmas, but still there seemed to be occurences that many of us could relate to.

What can the final four tell us about our career choices and challenges?

Graduation - The Start of a Great Achievement

11 Jul 2014

The build up to graduation is a flurry of activity, with assignments, exams and results cycling past rapidly before the day it all pays off.
Bumping down to Earth after the joy of Graduation Day, there is one question that can seem to ring out above all others - what now?
We asked some members of the Scottish business community to share with us some of their wisdom, in an effort to help turn questions into confidence, and make your great achievement just the beginning.

Let Ambition Soar - Trusting Your Graduates

08 Jul 2014

Entitled, self-possessed, low attention spans – there is a lot of negativity surrounding today’s graduates. These preconceptions, or should we say misconceptions, mean that many Millennial graduates have their work cut out when it comes to being taken seriously. Let’s break down the myths. Trusting your graduates could be the best thing to ever happen to your office, and here’s why.

Trusting your graduates

Conquering My Graduation Fears

04 Jul 2014

The only things in life you can be sure of are said to be death and taxes. For students, throw in "constant worrying" to the mix, especially when you get to your final year. No going back, no resits, no more procrastination - a combination that will spark fear into the most stalwart slacker.

Conquering My Graduation Fears

Gender Balance - Women Mean Business

03 Jul 2014

In the last few months there has been a very hot debate around the UK Government wanting to achieve 25% of company directors to be women by 2015.

Gender Balance - Women in Business

Fundraising for The Richmond Fellowship Scotland

27 Jun 2014

We recently took fundraising to new heights in order to raise £4,048 for a learning disability charity based in Paisley, putting our energy and endurance to the test to tackle Britain’s highest peak at 1,352m to raise money for The Richmond Fellowship Scotland.

The Richmond Fellowship Scotland Blackford

Celebrating Scotland's Tech Talent

20 Jun 2014

Eden Scott had the pleasure of attending Dog Digital's #DFest2014 to mark their 126th birthday (in dog years) as well as the the 2014 Digital Technology Awards at the Glasgow Marriott to celebrate excellence within Scotland's booming IT sector.

Digital Technology Awards Scotland


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