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23 Jan 2023
Written by Peter Dunn

NHS National Services Scotland

NHS Jobs Scotland

Introduction to NHS NSS

National Services Scotland (NSS) is a national NHS Board operating right at the heart of NHS Scotland with responsibility for the provision of a wide range of services. These services (which range from procurement right through to IT & Digital) enable NHS Scotland Health Boards to deliver both clinical and non-clinical services in an efficient and effective manner.

Their aim is to deliver high-quality, effective and person-centric services on a national scale using best-in-class systems and standards to serve the people of Scotland.

The Recruitment Challenge

The Eden Scott Team were tasked with replacing the outgoing IT Director. It was a challenging appointment, replacing an individual who was highly regarded across the NHS in Scotland and with the added involvement of Scottish Government representatives who were keen to ensure the Digital and eHealth agenda was at the forefront.

This new hire would help deliver against the Scottish Government's drive towards digital enablement and the provision of innovative, robust and secure technology solutions for the people of Scotland.  

The role was redefined in order to encapsulate the proposed transition from a traditional ‘IT Department’ to a modern digital and security function and required a strong technology leader capable of delivering large-scale transformational change whilst also bringing together the various boards across NHS Scotland. 

The Recruitment Solution

Prior to the assignment commencing, we spent considerable time with key stakeholders in NHS NSS, as well as the outgoing IT Director. This ensured we fully grasped the nuances of the post and could articulate them to candidates, as well as measure candidate suitability.

Working with the NHS NSS team, our Marketing & Communications department built a bespoke microsite highlighting NHS NSS as the employer of choice. It helped to introduce the role to prospective candidates while hosting all of the relevant application and employment documentation.

This went in tandem with a comprehensive advertising programme across a variety of different platforms and outlets in order to capture the widest job-seeking market. All of these resources fed into a comprehensive, UK-wide headhunting programme.  

Recruitment Success

Having invited more than 250 relevant candidates into the process from a variety of public and private sector backgrounds our structured interview process narrowed the field to eight candidates.

Eden Scott then designed and managed a complete assessment centre and also administered psychometric testing to all candidates. On the basis of the Eden Scott Candidate Reports provided at the end of this process, two candidates were deemed appointable, and a successful appointment was made.

That candidate was credited with making great strides on one of the largest digital transformation programmes of its kind and had a profound impact on NSS.


Jacqui Jones, Director of HR and Workforce Development, NHS National Services Scotland

Eden Scott assisted us in recruiting into a key post within our organisation at the Executive Director level.

The service we received was extremely professional, highly knowledgeable, and efficient. Eden Scott worked as partners with us throughout the whole process from identifying the best approach to assess the competencies of candidates, through the Assessment Centre, developing highly specific questions for each candidate at a panel interview, and providing feedback to candidates.

We highly recommend Eden Scott.