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24 Apr 2023
Written by Paul Buchan

The University Of Edinburgh

The University Of Edinburgh

Introduction to The University Of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh is a £1.2BN income organisation who have been going through period of significant transformation by building a whole new way of delivering Finance services within the organisation. This included their teams, processes and a new Oracle ERP system underpinning it all.  

To support this, Eden Scott were asked to help support the formation of the new Finance Business Partnering team by recruiting around 12 new colleagues across Finance Business Partner and Senior Finance Analyst roles to join with their existing team and support the delivery of the new service. This covered the 3 main Colleges and the other teams including their Accommodation, Catering and Events (ACE) services.


The Recruitment Challenge

The challenge was to find people with the right skills and experience but who were also bought into their vision to deliver world class Finance services to their colleagues across the University. We needed people with skill, experience, passion and the capacity for problem solving who can play a role in delivery Strategy 2030.


The Recruitment Solution

In order to fill 12 positions we needed to consider at least 100 candidate profiles to narrow the hunt to those who fit with that vision, we used a combination of traditional sourcing methods, social media platforms and video content to generate and drive awareness.


Recruitment Success

Candidates were assessed using a combination of interview and video presentation assessment to help streamline the activities and we were successful in delivering successful outcomes for the University. Delivering recruitment hires on this scale can be a daunting task but through a combination of new technologies and more tried and trusted methods we were successful in delivering this need.


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