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Churches Action For The Homeless

CATH a local charity supporting those who are homeless or under threat of homelessness

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Supporting Homelessness

Nearly 30 years ago, during the severe winter of 1991, a number of church parishioners, led by 4 strong-willed women, became concerned about the plight of people sleeping rough in Perth.

Their concern and compassion led to the formation of CATH with the introduction of a soup kitchen run by volunteers, which included the original four ladies whom we fondly refer to as the “Founding Mothers of CATH”.

The soup kitchen started in St Mathews Church and subsequently in a number of different locations until the Day Centre opened its doors on the Ladeside in 1995, with our first paid member of staff providing a more comprehensive range of support.

Churches Action For The Homeless

Where they are today

The organisation has grown, but the core values that led to its creation still drive CATH today.

Recognising the associated problems that frequently accompany homelessness, they work to alleviate those issues and help maintain and improve the quality of life of the individuals they support.

CATH helps significant numbers of people each year overcome homelessness and related issues through their projects, which include a drop-in community hub, Tayview House, Floating Housing Support, Outreach Team, Literacy Project, Positive Pathway, and our charity shop.

Churches Action For The Homeless

Why work with CATH?

Working for Churches Action for the Homeless can be a deeply rewarding experience, offering individuals the opportunity to align their professional skills with a meaningful cause.

The organisation's commitment to addressing homelessness provides a sense of purpose, allowing employees to make a tangible impact on the lives of vulnerable individuals and families. Beyond the fulfillment of contributing to a social mission, working with Churches Action for the Homeless can also foster personal growth, empathy, and a strong sense of community connection.

Whether driven by a passion for social justice, compassion for those in need, or a desire to utilise specific skills in a meaningful context.