Better Performing Cows

Afimilk provides the dairy industry with outstanding, innovative technological solutions for farm management and profitable production of high quality milk.

The company couples pioneering spirit and creative thinking with proven expertise in all areas of dairy farming. The result: bold technological leaps and dramatic improvements that meet the changing needs of milk producers worldwide.

The Afimilk team is behind the company’s success. We are proud of our highly-trained, professional and multicultural staff, all of whom are experts in dairy farming.


Afimilk Silent Herdsman

Each cow is fitted with a Afimilk Silent Herdsman smart collar, which monitors its heat expression and health round-the-clock and transmits the data wirelessly to your PC, laptop, mobile or tablet.

  • Easy mounting on the animal
  • Advanced mechanical collar design
  • Rumination, eating, fertility, health
  • Free stalls and grazing

Silent Herdsman will help you make more money, save time and keep your herd healthy wherever you are.

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mySilent Herdsman - data on the go

Like our Silent Herdsman system, mySilent Herdsman lets you keep an eye on your herd around the clock.

The difference is that it’s cloud-based — which means the data is available via the internet, rather than just on the computer in your home, office or parlor.

So wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, you can receive heat detection and health data, helping you to make relevant decisions quickly and easily.

With mySilent Herdsman, you have the whole herd at your fingertips — so you can manage it any time, any place and on any device.



Job Opportunities - Software Developer

Silent Herdsman is a 24/7 monitoring solution for cows.  Powered by an innovative smart collar, it monitors heat expression and health round-the-clock and transmits the data wirelessly (to any PC, laptop, mobile or tablet) and can be accessed anywhere in the globe thanks to the accompanying cloud-based data management system.

As part of their continued success story and ambitious growth plans for 2016, Afimilk are keen to appoint a Software Developer to support their pioneering cloud projects.

We are looking for a talented individual to support ongoing development of key projects within a small multi-disciplined technical team. Reporting to the Team Lead you will join a highly skilled team with your focus primarily on backend C# applications whilst also contributing to solutions for both the offline and cloud-based data management system solutions.

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