Celtic Renewables Ltd is a spin-out from Edinburgh Napier University incorporated in 2012 to commercialise a fermentation technology developed at the University’s Biofuel Research Centre by Professor Martin Tangney, a world authority on biobutanol production. 

The company is uniquely adapting the traditional Weizmann Fermentation process (also known as the ABE fermentation process) to a brand new entirely sustainable novel substrate created by combining the two main by-products of Scotch Malt Whisky production (draff and pot ale).. This not only provides a sustainable disposal route for the by-products of one of the UK’s largest and most iconic industries, but also integrates environmental sustainability and carbon reduction, in the production of sustainable bio-solvents.

The re-introduction of this once dominant fermentation process in a modern biotechnology context using whisky by-products is an exciting development with huge potential for international application both within the whisky sector and through the application of the technology to other related substrates.

celtic renewables


  • President and Founder – Prof Martin Tangney OBE
  • Chief Executive Officer – Mark Simmers
  • Managing Director – John Stevenson


Significant opportunity exists to create revenue streams for the company through the sale of pure bio-solvents from the back end of the process into the chemical and fuel markets;  creating higher value retail products that leverage their sustainable credentials and strong brand; and sales of animal feed into the cattle feed or fish food markets.  Additionally,  liquid and gaseous by-products from the process have the potential to generate revenue streams as the company advances their zero waste biorefinery concept and the pilot facilities at the Grangemouth plant could be marketed to organisations globally who are seeking to test their technology.


The company has plans to build, own and operate a portfolio of ABE fermentation plants on an international basis as they move out of the R&D space into full commercial operation. There are opportunities to licence the technology or establish joint ventures with major distillers seeking to enhance their environmental credentials and there are parallel opportunities to develop plants that utilise other low value organic industrial residues as feedstocks.  There is true potential to create a global industry.

celtic renewables

We require an experienced, driven Commercial Director to play a key role in the next stage of the company’s development as we establish commercial operations through developing and growing our target markets, whilst ensuring robust and sustainable processes and contracts are in place for low value feedstock at the front end of the process.  The Commercial Director will be required to negotiate and maintain contracts and partnerships with a wide range of key contractors; vendors; supply chain and development partners across a number of industry sectors and disciplines both across the UK and in an international context.

- John Stevenson, Celtic Renewables


This is a unique opportunity to join a business on a significant growth trajectory, whilst doing something unique and ground-breaking.    Celtic Renewables is a multiple award-winning start-up company employing some of the most credible,  passionate and talented people in what is a sector with huge future potential.    The dedication of the Celtic Renewables  team combined with a patented technology which has potential for global market reach provide all the ingredients for success.   As Commercial Director, the successful applicant will be afforded an exciting opportunity to directly influence the future development roadmap for  the company through creation of long term partnerships that secure  profitable and sustainable  revenue streams.

- Michael Lynch, Associate Director for Energy 

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Celtic Renewables Commercial Director