About CorporateHealth

Headquartered in Inverness and comprised of a highly dedicated team of medical, service, and IT professionals located throughout Europe and the US, CorporateHealth are an organisation dedicated to providing innovative Gastrointestinal diagnostics solutions, products and services.

Partnering Highlands and Islands Enterprise

Having received £1.3m of funding last year to work on a joint venture with Highlands and Islands Enterprise to research the use of AI to analyse thousands of images captures, CorporateHealth is pushing the boundaries of video technology in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders. They have a solution for both patients and clinicians to help at both ends of the spectrum. 

Patient and Clinician Solutions  

A patient can engage with CorporateHealth to get the right investigation and the results quickly and efficiently to their doctor. Alternatively, a clinician can receive support right throughout the process from patient care to the analysis of the results.

Working at CorporateHealth 

It is a small but ambitious team at CorporateHealth. They have a base in Inverness and in Denmark. However, they are now looking to grow and develop their team as the demand for their innovative products increases.