About Crown Estate Scotland

Crown Estate Scotland is a commercial public body created four years ago to manage the Scottish Crown Estate. You can learn more about Crown Estate Scotland here

A core strategic objective for Crown Estate Scotland is to support the sustainable expansion of Scotland’s Blue Economy.

The business works with people and organisations to drive economic development and deliver social and environmental value, with profits going to Scottish public spending.

The Energy & Infrastructure (E&I) team

Crown Estate Scotland’s Energy & Infrastructure (E&I) team are responsible for managing the leasing of the seabed for activities such as offshore wind, wave & tidal energy, cables (electrical and telecommunications), pipelines (oil & gas), and Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS). As such the team has a vital role to play in enabling and achieving Scotland’s net-zero aspirations.

Combating Climate Change

To address the climate emergency both UK and Scottish Governments have made it clear that more renewable energy is needed and that CCS must be progressed at scale.

Scotland’s waters are where much of this development will need to happen, creating significant economic opportunity for Scotland. To help maximise this opportunity, Crown Estate Scotland will be undertaking more activity, and are consequently expanding their E&I team.

Crown Estate Scotland Purpose

The team at Crown Estate Scotland are all passionate about the environment and finding sustainable solutions to help us achieve net-zero targets.

Many have not followed a traditional route to work in this sector, but their passion for a collective purpose - "to invest in property, natural resources, and people to generate lasting value for Scotland" - is what inspired them to join.

Core Values

Crown Estate Scotland is an organisation built on strong values that provide a fantastic base to grow.

Their values, which were developed by their team, are:

  • Integrity
  • Excellence 
  • Collaboration
  • Commercialism


Image courtesy of Crown Estate Scotland

Joining their team

There are a number of opportunities available with Crown Estate Scotland’sEnergy & Infrastructure (E&I) team.

In joining their team, you benefit from:

  • Competitive salaries 
  • Access to the Civil Service pension scheme 
  • Team-working based on friendliness and respect 
  • Flexible, family-friendly policies 
  • Wellbeing and employee assistance programmes 
  • Ongoing learning & development 
  • Generous annual leave and public holiday entitlement

For more information or a confidential chat, contact Stuart Mitchell via email - stuart.mitchell@edenscott.com or call 07778 473 463.


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