About DRG

You may not be familiar with the DRG name, but you will certainly have heard of the restaurants. In Glasgow, The Anchor Line, Atlantic Brasserie and The Citizen sit side by side on St Vincent St looking across to Café Andaluz. Café Andaluz is the largest brand in the group with 6 locations across Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Newcastle.

You’ll find Amarone restaurants in the three Scottish cities; Cadiz a stylish Spanish seafood restaurant in Edinburgh, Barolo serving Italian small plates in Glasgow and of course Di Maggio’s where it all started.

A Family Business 

Founded in 1983 by Joe Conetta and nephew Mario Gizzi with Glasgow institution Di Maggio’s, the business is one of the largest independent restaurant groups in Scotland. Today, Mario remains at the helm alongside Joe’s son, Tony Conetta.

Join The Team

Dynamic is a word that springs to mind when describing the culture and the business. It’s certainly fast-paced. They are always looking forward and focused on growth and improvement.

Part of that growth means building a bigger sales and marketing team. With a customer-focused marketing strategy, a new CRM has been implemented, to give a fuller picture of their customers and their preferences. They want to harness that information and use it to build meaningful relationships, be relevant and give recognition for brand loyalty.

People are the most important ingredient that makes the business. They’re a talented bunch of eclectic folk, all working towards exceptional experiences for their guests. From mixologists to interior designers, kitchen porters to training teams every one of their team shares the same spark, passion and independent spirit - a culture that comes from the top.