Childcare since 2019

Flexible Childcare Services Scotland was successfully launched as an SCIO in 2019 after One Parent Families Scotland (OPFS), Scotland’s national single parent organisation, found that parents they were supporting were unable to engage in training, education or employment due to the lack of flexible childcare provision.

To better support these families OPFS created two childcare centres in Aberdeenshire and Dundee that offered high quality, flexible childcare solutions.

Although the centres were designed for one-parent families, they were open to all and provided a unique service that gave parents greater flexibility to engage in activities that would help them achieve a positive work-life balance.

Online Flexibility

Flexible Childcare Services Scotland (FCSS) is an incredibly innovative solution to the problem many parents face when trying to balance work, training or education with childcare.

It provides a reliable, high quality, professional service that can flex around peoples lifestyles. FCSS is a tech solution providing an online booking system accessible across a range of platforms. It offers flexible hours; enables parents to only pay for the time they use; provide drop off and pick as well as home-based childcare and, in some instances, a mobile creche.

This tech-for-good solution is continually developing its innovative tech solution to help solve the challenge of balancing childcare with a busy lifestyle. 

Key Values

FCSS is a national charity with settings in Dundee, Inverness, Moray and across Aberdeenshire. 

The core team are all well-qualified care practitioners who bring a range of skills to the team. They are all passionate about what they do and follow a few key values that ensure the highest standards including:

  • Committed to quality 
  • Ongoing training
  • Succession planning 
  • Fun, friendly and a fab place to be
  • Going above and beyond to make you feel welcome 
  • Respected and supported. 

If you would like to find out more about the team, check out their site right here.


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