All About FW Medical

FW Medical is one of the country's leading providers of gastrointestinal health care products. They also specialise in skincare and ENT.

From their base in West of Scotland Science Park, they now have distribution channels that span the continent of Europe and work with a selection of distributors and affiliates in markets across an array of international markets, including South East Asia and Australia.

Their UK retail partners are leading high street pharmacy brands, including Boots, Superdrug, Lloyds Pharmacy and Holland & Barrett.

FW Medical Products

FW Medical's core products, silicolgel and silicolskin, are manufactured in Bielefeld, Germany.

silicolgel's unique mode of action creates a protective, soothing layer in the intestine that binds with the irritants and toxins to allow them to pass naturally.

silicolskin tackles problem skin and spots by naturally absorbing excess oil, impurities and bacteria on the skin which may be the cause of irritation.

With industry-leading science at each product's core and a focussed sales and marketing approach promoting the solutions to their target market, FW Medical's products have achieved leading category positions across multiple countries.

The FW Medical Team

The leadership team at FW Medical are all vastly qualified and hugely experienced.

The company was co-founded by Director Moray Forbes (BA, MBA) in 2007. With experience in both the pharmaceutical and drinks industry, Moray has a record of developing business domestically and across Europe.

Jill Stuart (MA Hons) has 20 years of experience in sales and marketing, working with brands such as DEEP HEAT and Echinaforce. She leads the sales and marketing for the business. 

Rob McCutcheon (MA Hons) has 30 years of experience managing supply chain and logistics for the shipping industry, having worked for Maersk and ICL, among others. Rob is the European Services Manager.

Douglas Hughes is the Finance Manager and comes with significant financial experience, having worked with businesses turning over £150m annually.

Join The FW Medical Team

The team at FW Medical have developed a great culture and are passionate about providing the best possible solution for the customers. If you would like to join them, take a look at the roles below.