Who are Genius Foods?

Genius Foods was the brain child of Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne. She hunted high and low for a palatable, gluten-free alternative to the bricks of bread that existed on the market. Her ambition was to ensure her son, who had just been diagnosed as gluten-intolerant, could continue to enjoy a bacon sarnie with the rest of the family.

“I was just so frustrated that I couldn’t feed my son decent food. That was my light bulb moment. I thought: ‘I’m a chef. I love that we eat as a family. I’ve got to change this.’

DailyMail 05/02/17

Lucinda’s passionate pursuit of a gluten-free loaf that tasted just as good as traditional bread drove her to uncover the Genius loaf. Despite numerous versions and a broken oven in 2009 Genius Bread hit the high street.

That burning ambition has fuelled a whole host of other products from wraps and bagels to chocolate chip breakfast bakes and crumpets among many others. The business now has 22 products on the market in high street stores including Waitrose and Tesco.



Why work with Genius Foods?

Genius Foods has grown from one person’s dream into an international business distributing Europe, the Middle East and as far as Australia. The demand for their gluten-free products obviously increased production and the business has grown with sites in both Scotland and England.

Lucinda’s passion to find the best gluten-free solution still emanates throughout the business today. She knew that tackling a problem like this was going to be an almighty challenge. However, nine years on it’s fair to say Genius Foods have put gluten-free food on the map and their pursuit of an even bigger product line will ensure the company maintains its growth trajectory.

"We're always innovating in the Genius kitchen to come up with tasty and nutritious ideas that fit around our customers' lifestyle needs. We can't wait for customers to try the 'Good for the Gut' range and we look forward to hearing how they feel”

bakeryinfo.co.uk 22/08/18