Millions of years in the making...

We’ve been drawing our natural spring water from the same protected land in the Ochil Hills, Perthshire, Scotland since 1979. But the special rock formations below, which make Highland Spring as pure as can be, are the same today as they were 400 million years ago.

With such history and magic happening below, we go to great lengths to look after the land above. If you were to visit the source of Highland Spring you’d find a beautifully tranquil setting, interrupted only by rabbits, red deer or the occasional friendly mole.

In fact, we go to such lengths that our special little corner of Scotland is certified organic – Highland Spring is the only major bottled water brand to protect its source in this way.

We look after the natural surroundings above, and nature takes care of the filtration below. The result is pure, fresh water that’s full of the joys of Highland Spring.


The Highland Spring Working Culture

It is down to the care and craft that our people put into protecting, bottling and marketing our waters that Highland Spring Group is as successful as it is today. Whichever area of business you work in, you can be sure our working culture will inspire you to do great things and help you perform to your full potential. Our future business success depends on it.