Kaiam is delivering breakthrough optical communications products that power the Cloud today and into the future. It is headquartered in Newark, California, and has a large-scale manufacturing facility in Livingston, Scotland. 

Cloud data centers are continuously increasing their massive scale along multiple dimensions: physical size, electrical power, server capacity, and intra- and inter-data center connectivity. Kaiam’s LightScale™ family of pluggable fiber-optic transceivers support the most demanding intra-data center interconnect needs. Kaiam’s LightScale transceivers are deployed in large volumes by the world’s top Cloud data center operators. Other applications of the technology include long-haul terrestrial and submarine networks, autonomous vehicles, and virtual/augmented reality.

Kaiam's core values are condusive to a supportive and positive working environment: 


When people come together to work towards a common goal, amazing things can happen.


Striving for excellence and inspiring others to do the same. Being surrounded by it can lift you to greater performance.

Personal and Professional Growth

There’s an exciting new adventure just beyond every learning curve.


Mutual respect for each other fosters a welcoming environment for new ideas and approaches.