Beauty in Diversity

KILLSTAR is building an engaged community focused on supporting diversity and inclusion. Collectively they believe they can make real change through the small steps we all take.    

Based in Scotland, KILLSTAR design & manufacture all of their own products, and also operate the KREEPTURES limited edition plush toy range, as well as the newly launched COVEN makeup brand. They service the global marketplace from two separate warehouses (the UK & the US). 

Working for KILLSTAR

The KILLSTAR brand is an invitation for people to explore, discover, and become who they are. They help affirm this invitation by creating an inclusive, supportive environment where their team members are embraced exactly as they are. 

KILLSTAR are keen to develop their workforce and ensuring they produce and harbour the best and brightest the market has to offer. 

Jobs with KILLSTAR

KILLSTAR is looking to bring on board a Paralegal who has experience working within a legal firm or externally, responsible for managing the submission of design patents and working closely with their team based in China as well as the UK Team to ensure expectations are met.   

This will be a varied and challenging role for an individual to take real ownership, playing an integral part of the wider organisation. 

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