Quality Since 1828

With a rich history dating back to 1828, Merchiston Castle School is Scotland's only all-boys school. It is focused on delivering the highest levels of quality education, employing the finest teaching and coaching staff available. Merchiston provides the perfect environment for pupils to open their minds and fulfil their potential.

Amazing Facilities

Based in a vast expanse in Colinton, on the south side of Edinburgh, Merchiston Castle School boasts some enviable facilities for use by both staff and pupils. 


The school is committed to the highest possible standards in every aspect of their delivery:

"To set the standard for an education that is tailored to meet the needs of every individual that readies them to be balanced, adaptable and imaginative citizens who will seize the opportunities to make their unique impact on the world."


  • Building Strong Foundations - self-belief, happiness
  • Committing To Our Community - tolerance, compassion, responsibility
  • Readying For Life - excellence, modesty, fulfilment
  • Seizing Opportunities - curiosity and confidence.


What makes Merchiston Castle School Different?

What makes Merchiston different? It is a combination of things: our size, our genuine focus on the needs of the individual and the fact that we really understand our pupils and how to get the very best out of them.

It is a potent trio. It is what enables us to know our pupils really well and to understand what makes them tick. It is why we can support them in a way that is material and motivating. It is the reason our pupils strive for personal excellence and want to be the best version of themselves. It is the secret of theirs, and our, success.

As you can see from our values, the school has developed a strong sense of community. It is vitally important that the staff and pupils support each other to achieve our shared ambition.

You will find a lot of help and guidance from everyone at the school to make you feel part of the team. Take a look at a few of the profiles of our staff who you'll be working alongside.        

Welcome Film from Merchiston Castle School on Vimeo.

More Than A job

The team at Merchiston Castle School are committed and passionate about what they do. To everyone, this is more than a job.

With most of the pupils boarding at the school we do expect you to engage with all aspects of the school beyond your core role, but we will reward you with competitive salaries and fantastic opportunities for personal development.

We provide a full programme of events to broaden the boy's minds, so there is scope to have a truly positive impact on their lives.