A History of Goodness

Nairn's Oatcakes has been a mainstay of the Scottish diet for centuries.

The natural goodness of their simple ingredients and minimal processing has ensured they have stood the test of time.

The UK's No 1 Oatcake Producer

Now, through their wonderfully creative team, they have broadened the range from the original oatcakes that were first baked back in 1896 by founders John and Sarah Nairn in Strathaven, Lanarkshire.

From the very start, the product has succeeded in the quality of the local ingredients, sourced from the farmers and millers of the Scottish Borders, with whom the company has built a trusted relationship.

The enviable growth of Nairn Oatcakes from those humble beginnings has elevated the company to the largest producer of Oatcakes in the UK.

Nairn Oatcakes are now enjoyed in over 30 countries around the world, and their brand range now includes more than five different options, from Blueberry Oatcakes and Flatbreads to Snackers and Oat Bars.

A Strong Nairns Culture

Now with two bases in Edinburgh, including a state of the art production facility, the team at Nairns Oatcakes are as passionate now as they were at the start.

The way they mix their dough remains a closely guarded secret and one that the team are proud to protect.

It is a fantastic place to work with a real family feel amongst the staff and a strong culture of togetherness. Take a look at to opportunities below and join the team.