The National Trust for Scotland is the independent charity that protects and shares some of our country’s most precious historic places and natural landscapes on behalf of the people of Scotland.

Since 1931, they’ve pioneered public access to and shared ownership of some of the most magnificent buildings, collections and habitats in Scotland. They care for ancient houses, battlefields, castles, mills, gardens, coastlines, islands, mountain ranges and all the communities, plants and animals which depend upon them. In fact, they manage more heritage attractions than any other private group in Scotland. All that history has rubbed off on us, and we find ourselves drawn to the butler’s life.

Working for The National Trust

In the heyday of Pollok House, forty-eight servants looked after a family of three. Imagine being an aristocrat in those days! With so many experts on hand, a quick word to their butler could get you whatever they want. One call, and they would have had it all.

We at the National Trust for Scotland want to make our clients feel that special. Our central office will connect our clients to dozens of historic houses, gardens, battlefields and glens. We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of experiences across every region of Scotland, with each attraction bringing something different to their tours.

Check out some of Scotland's Stories

Consider Castle Brodick, a recently-renovated fortress on the isle of Arran. Every room here is interactive – a walk by a writing desk conjures voices from the air, and a horserace can be won or lost by your hand. Or think of Inverewe Gardens, a tropical paradise in the far north. Among the plants you stumble upon a mansion caught in time – vintage music warbles from a gramophone, rifles hang upon the wall. A phone rings in the hallway. You pick it up, and suddenly you’re part of the tale.

We want our guests to feel involved in our stories. We want them feel the glamour of a palace like Falkland, where Mary Queen of Scots played tennis, or the glory of Bannockburn battlefield, where Robert the Bruce beat an army three times the size of his own. We need guests to feel part of our mission to protect Scottish icons like Culloden and Glencoe. We know that the authenticity of these places is vital for our clients’ business.

But we also know the heart is nothing without the head. It’s not enough for an experience to be one of a kind, because our clients need to deliver one of a kind experiences every day! That’s where we step up.

Our one-stop shop system gives our clients access to our portfolio with quick efficiency and no fuss. Our experts will suggest itineraries, take bookings and ensure our groups are made welcome. We offer images, familiarisation visits and competitive rates. Few other organisations are as good as we are at balancing practicality with romance, the head with the heart.