Who are Orbital Marine Power?

Orbital Marine Power Limited (formerly known as Scotrenewables Tidal Power) is credited with pioneering floating tidal stream turbines since the company’s formation in 2002 in Orkney, Scotland.

Orbital have maintained and advanced this position by developing the world’s leading engineering knowledge and technology in floating tidal stream turbines.

The team at Orbital continue to innovate at the cutting edge of tidal stream technology and have a technology based on a floating superstructure with two underwater 1xMW nacelles. Owing to its floating structure, access to the device for operations and maintenance is easy / cost effective whilst minimising manufacturing and construction costs. In short: Orbital’s proprietary technology can enable the generation of low-cost energy from tidal stream resources around the world.

The company’s Orbital O2 turbine represents a move towards commercial operation as the company looks to deliver projects to a growing global market for predictable renewable power.

The 30 strong company principally operates from two Scottish offices; Edinburgh and Kirkwall, Orkney, with the Executive Management team being based in Edinburgh.

World Leading Technology

In 2011, the company launched the SR250, a 250 kW prototype, the first large scale floating tidal turbine in the world. It clocked up more than 4,000 hours of testing in the harsh operating conditions of the Orkney tidal streams at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC). This included grid connected generation; verifying the full-system floating tidal turbine approach at larger scale.

Following on from successful outputs from the SR250 programme, Orbital Marine Power launched a 2MW turbine in early 2016, known as the SR2000. The SR2000, the world’s most powerful tidal turbine, re-set performance records for the tidal sector in arguably the most successful test programme to date where it exported more power to the Scottish grid over a continuous 12 month period than the entire wave and tidal sector had in the 12 years preceding the launch of the SR2000. The breakthrough achievements of the SR2000 verified the engineering at large scale whilst validating the conceptual benefits of the company’s floating tidal technology – and pushed the company to the forefront of a new industry.

Orbital 02 Machine...Coming Soon

In July 2019, the company reached financial close on the new Orbital 02 turbine project. This project will see the company manufacture, install and operate an optimised 2MW system which will become the commercial product for the business going forwards and the solution for an industry to converge on.

This company has been successful in raising £7m of project finance from crowdfunding to build the O2 – with the raise being one of the largest crowdfunding debentures in UK history and representing a huge endorsement of Orbital’s vision for tidal stream energy.

The construction of the O2 turbine is currently well underway with the Orbital team managing a largely UK based supply chain covering areas such as heavy fabrication, assembly and composite blade manufacturing.

The 74m long, 500T+ turbine will be assembled in Dundee through 2020 before being launched and towed up to Orkney at the end of 2020 to start operation on the same site and grid connection that was occupied by the SR2000.

Executive Team 

  • Andrew Scott – Chief Executive Officer
  • Chris Milne – Chief Financial Officer
  • Mark McCarthy – Operations Director
  • Sian George – Chairman


Investment / Income Streams

The company has attracted significant investment from a range of private and public funding sources.

Recently private investors include the McGrath family, figure headed by Matt McGrath, a successful entrepreneur and previous inventor of pioneering technology in the medical devices sector. Other major investors include Scottish Enterprise who have invested in the company alongside £2.5m in Private Equity funding.

In 2019, the company successfully raised £7m in public crowd funding, the largest crowd funding investment award through Abundance, a crowd funding organisation specifically geared towards sustainable and environmentally friendly initiatives.

As part of enabling the O2 project the company was successful in being awarded £3.4m of funding from the Scottish Government’s Saltire Tidal Energy Challenge in July 2019. Orbital has also been successful in securing multiple grant funding awards from the EU towards the engineering, development and delivery of its flagship tidal technology.

At its core, going forwards, the business is looking to develop and grow commercial revenue streams from the manufacture and installation of its turbines, operation and maintenance of tidal turbine assets and revenue streams from the sale of electricity from tidal stream projects.

Target Markets

The UK policy framework for Tidal Energy is not currently strong enough in favour of marine energy deployment to enable the company to focus solely on Scotland and the UK, although this is something the existing management team work hard on in collective lobbying initiatives. Therefore, the company is actively exploring overseas markets where the policy and legislative framework for tidal energy investment is more robust and forthcoming, these include potential markets in Canada, France, Japan, SE Asia and South Korea.

Why Work For Orbital Marine Power?

Orbital Marine Power is a truly pioneering and exciting renewable energy engineering company breaking new ground at the very forefront of harnessing the as-yet untapped predictable power of Earth’s tidal stream resources. The development and commercialisation of its innovative technology can unlock this opportunity and enable an entirely new, sustainable market and industry.

Critical to the success of the company will be transitioning to a commercial operation and growing revenue streams around tidal projects. This will bring new challenges to the business. To tackle this unique opportunity the company is seeking to expand its commercial resources with a dynamic new member of the team who can develop and drive the commercial initiatives and projects that will enable Orbital’s success.

We are supporting the team at Orbital Marine Power to find a Commercial Director. Please find the job description below and you can apply for the role below that.