Pick Protection is a new start-up company who has developed a Personal Protection Alarm service which uses a small hardware device containing a low energy Bluetooth stack working in conjunction with Smart Phone applications (iOS and Android) to provide an integrated personal protection device that connects to an external Alarm Receiving Centre via our web services.  The Alarm Receiving Centre is operated by one of our key partners 24 * 7 * 365 days per year and ultimately results in a Police response to an alarm activation.

“The Personal Guardian offers a unique level of personal protection that doesn’t just give peace of mind to the wearer but also to their families.”

It also gives employers an accessible, affordable way to protect the people who work for them, and that’s a growing area of concern across a whole range of sectors, from more obvious situations where employees may be vulnerable, such as healthcare workers visiting patients in the community, to financial employees who may be preyed on as they travel to and from their place of work.


Pick Protection