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QC Benefits, Rewards And Incentives

At QueryClick, we like to reward our employees for all the great work they do. That's why we offer a great range of incentives and reward schemes, as well as a range of other benefits and fun activities.

Below are just some of the ways that we let our employees know that they're the best:

Rewards Scheme

We offer an amazing rewards scheme that rewards our staff for going the extra mile, whether through up-selling additional services to clients, creating a really cool new service or document, getting gleaming feedback from a client or being nominated by colleagues for being awesome!

Work from Home

We know that sometimes life doesn’t quite go to plan. The boiler does sometimes break down, the heating goes on the blink and occasionally, we need to attend appointments that are far away from the office. To give our staff the opportunity to deal with these things, QC offers our staff flexible working arrangements. Got something urgent on? No worries, work from home. We even offer our staff access to company laptops for this purpose.

Cycle to Work Scheme

We participate in the CycleScheme, which allows QueryClickers to get a beautiful new tax-free bike for their commute to work. Cycling to work is a great way to beat the morning traffic and get active at the beginning of the day, and CycleScheme allows our staff to make huge savings of between 25% and 39% on a new bike package.

Personal Development Plan & Internal Training

Here at QC, we think training is the key to getting better at what we do. That’s why we offer an intensive training scheme for all members of staff, which begins the moment they walk through the door on their first day with us, and continues throughout their career here. We like to invest in our people, developing their skills and abilities so we can keep QueryClick at the very top of our game.


Although the workforce here at QC are pretty young, we still think it’s important to look to the future. That’s why we offer a great pension scheme, where we’ll match the monthly contributions made by each member of staff by up to 5%. You know it makes sense. We also offer death in service benefits for all permanent staff.

Food & Drink

We know that food is the way to anyone’s heart, so we like to keep the office supply of snacks well-stocked at all times. We get a weekly delivery of fruit from a local supplier, because an apple keeps the doctor away! But as much as we love our fruit, we’ve also got a bit of a sweet tooth, so we like to keep the biscuit tin topped up. And we’re not talking about supermarket own-brand digestives here – no, we have a rigorous quality test which means only the very best biscuits make it into our tin!

As the old saying goes, we like to work hard and play hard here at QueryClick. We understand the importance of getting away from our desks, which is why we’ve got a lovely staff room filled with comfy sofas, cushions and a great view over Edinburgh. We’ve also got a ping pong table, where the action can get pretty furious.

QC Sports

We enjoy a good spot of sport as much as we enjoy getting to grips with a meaty bit of search marketing. We’ve got a team of avid footballers who play weekly at a local pitch come rain or shine. For those who prefer a less competitive form of exercise, we also offer weekly in-office yoga sessions! Hosted by a lovely and super-qualified instructor, it’s the perfect opportunity to get our Om on and unwind after a busy day.

Whiteboard Friday

Whiteboard Friday is our weekly opportunity for the whole team to get together and learn from one another’s specialist knowledge. Every Friday, a different member of staff takes the stage to talk about an area of their expertise. Whiteboard Friday is also an amazing forum in which we can showcase ideas, develop our business and services – many new tools and processes have come out of these sessions. But it’s not all about serious learning. We do it all with a beer in hand!


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